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Akiko Aoki - “Pure Imagination”

Akiko Aoki- Vocals & Arrangements All tracks & Arrange (4,6,8,10,13), Mari Aoki-Vocal On 7,8,13, Tim Ray-Piano, Synthesizer & Arrangements On All tracks except 10 & Arrange (1,2,3,5,7,11,12), Marshall Wood-Bass All tracks, Tommy Campbell-Drums All tracks except 10, Mark Walker-Drums and Percussions On 8,10, John Baboian Guitar & Arrangements On 1,5,9,10 Arrange (9), Greg Hopkins Trumpet 2,5,7,11,12. Ken Peplowski-Saxohophone1,5,7,9,12, Mike Monaghan Saxophone 3, 8, Hiro Honshuku Flute 10
Artist: Akiko Aoki
Title: Pure Imagination
Label: Self Produced
Artist Website: akikoaokimusic.com
Release Date: 2022/11/02
UPC Code: 198994039895
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