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National Press Campaigns

National Press Campaigns

Reaching the precise person with your targeted message is key to the success of your campaign. Any company can send out a press or news release. What makes the difference with Jazz Promo Services is our placement ability.


With over twenty five years experience in the Jazz business, we are uniquely qualified to advise artists on career development, self-producing, and media campaigns. Our experience enables us to work closely with record labels and Jazz organizations as well to help you plan a cost effective campaign that gets results by budgeting and assisting with production, promotion, marketing and distribution.

Press Lists

Our press lists, which are regularly updated and include more than 10,000 contacts, are divided into categories so that you can target your campaign. Categories include the Jazz industry, the Jazz press, Jazz radio, and listeners.


In addition to helping you to develop an audience, it’s important to remember that publicity keeps your name out in front of the most important movers and shakers in the Jazz record business as well as Jazz clubs, festivals, talent buyers, and other industry segments. To successfully build a career, developing and maintaining these relationships is absolutely essential.

Cost Effective

Based in New York, and part of the Big Apple Jazz scene for more than twenty five years, our prices are competitive and are tailored to fit every budget. From artists who self-produce to small independent labels to International jazz festivals we can create a cost effective campaign that will obtain measurable results.

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