Specializing in Media Campaigns for the Music Community, Artists, Labels, Venues and Events

Email Campaigns

Our email lists, which are regularly updated and have proven to be the quickest, most efficient promotional resource, are divided into categories so that you can effectively target your campaign.

These lists are easily customizable. For a pianist, we can produce a mailing that focuses on keyboard publications, labels that specialize in pianists, and other media that feature keyboard oriented stories. Or, for Latin musicians, we focus on that market with an emphasis on the Hispanic press and radio.

New York List

Our New York City hot list includes 1500 names, all of the important contacts. This list consists of: Writers (freelance and staff; Editors); Music Listings (Village Voice, Time Out New York, New York Press, New York Times, Daily News and Newsday, as well as Regional Publications); Jazz Record Labels (majors and independents); Producers (Label A&R people, independent producers); Jazz Radio (all Jazz Radio personnel, from commercial, NPR and college stations); Jazz Fans; Other Musicians; Jazz Websites

Our lists are not restricted to Jazz oriented media, but to all publications and websites and list events and feature content devoted to music.

National Campaign

We have 5000 names on our national list, the crème de la crème of the Jazz industry, press, radio and retail.

International List

With over 6000 contacts, this database, among the most extensive in Jazz, includes our US list as well as Europe and Japan. A targeted release can be sent to Online Media, Reviews Editors, or even select Radio programmers in the United Kingdom, Germany, or the country of your choice.

Buddy DeFranco and Les Paul at Jazz Journalists Association awards
Buddy DeFranco and Les Paul at Jazz Journalists Association awards | Photo: Jim Eigo
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