Specializing in Media Campaigns for the Music Community, Artists, Labels, Venues and Events


With over twenty five years experience in the Jazz business, we are uniquely qualified to advise artists on career development, self-producing, and media campaigns. Our experience enables us to work closely with record labels and Jazz organizations as well to help you plan a cost effective campaign that gets results by budgeting and assisting with production, promotion, marketing and distribution.

Jim Eigo, the founder and President of Jazz Promo Services, learned the music business from the ground floor up and has worn many hats over these past nearly thirty years, both in retail, record production, marketing, distribution and publicity, as well as event production.

Based in New York, and part of the Big Apple Jazz scene for more than twenty five years, our prices are competitive and are tailored to fit every budget. From artists who self-produce to small independent labels to International jazz festivals, we can help with every facet of your project.

Buddy DeFranco, Tony Scott and Jim Eigo
at Buddy and Tony’s Iridium gig, 2003
Photo: Mitchell Seidel

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