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Brad Myers & Michael Sharfe

Brad Myers - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Bongos (Sanguinaria)  Michael Sharfe - Double Bass, Fretless Electric Bass (Norm’s Ridge), Percussion (Sanguinaria, Great Pumpkin Waltz, and Maria) with special guests Dan Dorff, Jr. - Drums and Cymbals (Norm’s Ridge, In From Somewhere, and Falling Grace) Tom Buckley - Drums and Cymbals (New Moon, Maria, and In Your Own Sweet Way) Marc Wolfley - Percussion (Great Pumpkin Waltz and Maria) Dan Karlsburg - Melodica (Sanguinaria)
Artist: Brad Myers & Michael Sharfe
Title: Sanguinaria-Hopefulsongs
Label: Colloquy Records 13214
Artist Website: www.musicbybrad.com
Release Date: 2017/03/03
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