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Cheryl Bentyne and Mark Winkler - “West Coast Cool”

Cheryl Bentyne & Mark Winkler – Vocals on all tracks. Musicians on all tracks except Tracks 9, 11, 14, Piano: Rich Eames, Bass: Tim Emmons, Drums: Dave Tull, Saxophones, Flute: Bob Sheppard, Musicians on track 9, Guitar:Anthony Wilson, Hammond B3: Joe Bagg, Drums: Mark Ferber, Musicians on track 11, Piano: Jon Mayer, Bass: Kevin Axt, Drums: Roy McCurdy,, Sax: Bob Sheppard, Musicians on Track 14, Piano: Eli Brueggeman, Bass: George Koller, Drums: Mark Kelso

Artist: Cheryl Bentyne and Mark Winkler
Title: "West Coast Cool"
Label: Summit Records ( DCD 615)
Artist Website: markwinklermusic.com/
Release Date: 2013/09/10
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