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Dave Mullen & Butta - “Mahoney’s Way”

Featuring Dave Mullen – saxophones, Lisala Beatty – vocals, Courtney Bradley – vocals, True Worship Ministries Singers, Dario Boente – piano & keys, Etienne Lytle – Hammond Organ, Tristan Leral – keys/strings arr., Mark Egan – bass, Ron Richardson – bass, Don Martin – bass, Nile Rogers – guitar, Marc Ribot – guitar, Eric Barrett – guitar, Victor Jones – drums, Abe Fogle – drums, Eric Jay – turntables, Ronnie Roc – congas & per, Paul Bradenburg – trumpet, J. Walter Hawkes – trombone.

Artist: Dave Mullen & Butta
Title: Mahoney’s Way
Artist Website: www.davemullen.com/
Release Date: 2007/10/01
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