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Dave Soldier - “Zajal”

Dave Soldier, guitar, keyboards, musical compositions (except #2), arrangements; Ana Nimouz, Triana Bautista, David Castellaño, Barbara Martinez, Ismael Fernandez vocals; Maurice Chedid oud, vocals; Chris Washburne, Dan Blacksberg, trombones; Philip Payton, Rebecca Cherry (solos), violins; Alan Kushan, sentur; Lefteris Bournias, clarinet; Mahmoud Hamadani, recitation; Ratzo Harris, bass; Jose Moreno, hand percussion, trap set, vocals; Robby Ameen, timbales; Ismael Fernandez and Sonia Olla, palmas and jaleo; Neli Tirado, palmas Produced by Pedro Cortes.
Artist: Dave Soldier
Title: Zajal
Label: Mulatta Records
Artist Website: davesoldier.com
Release Date: 2020/01/01
UPC Code: 700261479521
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