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David Wise - “Till They Lay Me Down”

Track Listing:
  1. What More Could One Man Want? (David Wise)
  2. Sylvia (David Wise)
  3. Here's That Rainy Day (mus. Jimmy Van Heusen, lyr. Johnny Burke, arr. David Wise)
  4. Home (David Wise)
  5. Kol Nidre (traditional)
  6. Till They Lay Me Down (David Wise)
  7. Lullaby (David Wise)
  8. Life is But a Song, Pt. 1 & 2 (David Wise, lyr. David Wise / Amy K. Bormet)
  9. Life is But a Song, Pt. 3 (David Wise)
Artist: David Wise
Title: Till They Lay Me Down
Label: Self Produced
Artist Website: www.davidgwise.com
Release Date: 2017/01/06
UPC Code: 888295383813
David Wise-tenor and baritone saxophone, Bruce Forman-guitar, Alex Frank-bass, Jake Reed-drums w/ special guests: Jason Joseph, vocals (track 1); Laura Mace, vocals (track 1); Josh Smith, guitar solo (track 1); Mitchell Cooper, trumpet (tracks 1, 9); Glenn Morrissette, alto sax (track 1); R.W. Enoch, tenor sax (track 1); Amy K. Bormet, keyboard (track 1); Mikala Schmitz, cello (tracks 2, 8); David Wise, vocals (track 8, 9)
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