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Dennis Angel - “ 'On Track’”

Dennis Angel  flugelhorn, Gottfried Stoger  tenor sax, soprano sax and flute, Jason Miles  piano, keyboards, synthesizers, strings,, percussion and string arrangements; special guest Kenny Barron  piano
Will Lee electric bass, James Genus acoustic bass, George Porter Jr. electric bass, Amanda Ruzza electric bass, Tom “Bones” Malone trombone, Romero Lubambo acoustic guitar, Nick Moroch guitar, JT Lewis drums, Brian Dunne drums, Adrian Harpham drums, Bashiri Johnson percussion, Cyro Baptisata percussion, Maya Azucena vocal, James D Train Williams vocal, Pamela-Driggs vocal Rebecca Angel vocal

Artist: Dennis Angel
Title:  'On Track’
Label: (Timeless Grooves Records)
Artist Website: dennisangelband.com
Release Date: 2015/07/01
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