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George Gee Swing Orchestra - “Swing Makes You Happy!”

Featuring the compositions and arrangements of music director/ trombonist John David Gibson and vocals by Hilary Gardner and John Dokes.
George Gee – Bandleader, David Gibson – Music Director/ Trombone, Hilary Gardner – vocal, John Dokes – Vocal, Eddie Pazant – Alto Sax, Michael Hashim – Tenor Sax, Anthony Lustig – Baritone Sax, Freddie Hendrix – Trumpet, Andy Gravish – Trumpet, Steve Einerson – Piano, Marcus McLaurine – String Bass, Willard Dyson – Drums

Artist: George Gee Swing Orchestra
Title: "Swing Makes You Happy!"
Label: (Rondette Jazz RJ1009)
Artist Website: www.georgegee.com
Release Date: 2015/01/15
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