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Hector Martignon’s Banda Grande

SAXES Enrique Fernández (Baritone Sax) Chelsea Baratz (1st Tenor Sasolos on 3 and 6 Alejandro Aviles (2nd Tenor Sax, Clerinet and Flute) solo on 9 David De Jesus (1st Alto Sax) solo on 2 Jason Arce and Alex Han (2nd Alto and Soprano Sax)solos on 1 and 9  TRUMPETS John Walsh (1st) solos on 5, 8 and 8 Seneca Black (2nd) solos on 5 and 8 Steve Gluzband (3rd) Julie Desbordes and Fabio Morgera (4th)  TROMBONES Andy Hunter (1st) solo on 1 and 4 Rafi Makiel and Luis Bonilla (2nd) Alvin Walker (3rd) solo on 4 Chris Washburne (Bass Trombone and Tuba) solos on 4 and 3  STRING QUARTET Nune Melikian (1st Violin) Everhard Paredes (2nd Violin) Samuel Marchán (Viola) Diego García (Cello)  UPRIGHT BASS  John Benitez solos on 6 and 10  DRUM SET Vince Cherico solos on 6 and 9  CONGAS and MARACAS Samuel Torressolos on 2. 6. 7(right channelmaracas) and 9  VIBRAPHONE Christos Rafalides, solos on 2, 4, 3 and 8  PIANO and ACCORDION Hector Martignon, solos on 2, 4, 9 and 10  SPECIAL GUESTS on track 5 VOCAL Brenda Feliciano  SOLO TRUMPET Joe Burgstaller (Solo Trumpet)  SPECIAL GUESTS on track 7:  HARP Edmar Castañeda  MARACAS AND CAJON Roberto Quintero  QUATRO Jorge Glem  SPECIAL GUEST on track 8:  GAITA (Colombian Flute) and MARACON: Martín Vejarano
Artist: Hector Martignon's Banda Grande
Title: The Big Band Theory
Label: Zoho ZM 201608
Release Date: 2016/06/03
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