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Jungsu Choi TINY ORKESTER - “Tschuss Jazz Era ”

Jungsu Choi has put together a great contemporary jazz ensemble with Korea’s best jazz musicians - of the best of the jazz players in Korea, Jinho Pyo (Male Voice), Eunmi Kim (Flute), Yusun Nam (Alto sax), Hachul Song (Tenor sax), Yejung Kim (Trumpet), Junyeon Lee (Trombone), Jungyun Ahn (Cello), Sungyun Hong (Guitar), Jungmin Lee (Piano), Inseob Song (Bass), Hyunsu Lee (Drums).
Artist: Jungsu Choi TINY ORKESTER
Title: Tschuss Jazz Era
Label: Challenge Records CR 73451
Artist Website: www.jungsuchoi.com
Release Date: 2018/01/12
UPC Code: 0608917345124
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