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Kirsten Lambert - “ From a Window to a Screen”

Will Campbell - alto and soprano sax, Dan Davis - drums, John Brown - bass, Bill Frisell, Nels Cline, & Scott Sawyer - guitars, Jim Crew - piano, Chris Stamey & Brent Lambert - additional guitar, Allyn Love - pedal steel, Matt Douglas - bass clarinet; and the Modrec Strings: Jack Crouse, Karen Galvin, Laura Thomas - violins, Matt Chicurel, Emi Mizobushi - violas, Leah Gibson - cello, arranged & conducted by Chris Stamey (with special thanks to Allen Anderson & Wes Lachot)
Artist: Kirsten Lambert
Title: From a Window to a Screen
Label: BellaJu Music BJM 1901
Artist Website: www.kirstenlambert.com
Release Date: 2022/10/28
UPC Code: 196925463355
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