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Restroy - “Saturn Return”

Chris Dammann – Bass,  Nick Anaya - Tenor Sax,  James Davis – Trumpet,  Catherine Monnes – Violin, Cello,  Tim Stine – Guitar (Tracks 3,4,7,8),  Gina Sobel – Flute (Tracks 3,4,7,8),  Daniel Richardson – Drums (Tracks 3,4,7,8),  Dylan Andrews – Drums (Tracks 1,2,5,6) , Loren Oppenheimer– Tabla, Frame drum (Tracks 1,2,5,6),  Matt Wyatt – Electronics and Percussion (Tracks 1,5,6,)
Artist: Restroy
Title: Saturn Return
Label: Milk Factory Productions
Release Date: 2016/05/06
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