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Richard Guba - “ Songs for Stuffed Animals ”

Richard Guba. Alto, tenor, and soprano saxophones. Composer “The Gospel According to Lewis”, “Tributaries”, and co-writer of “Playing in Traffic”.; Ken Zimmerman. Acoustic piano and Ensoniq ESQ 1 digital wave synthesizer; David Mueller. Electric Bass; James Burcky. Drummer and arranger of “The Gospel According to Lewis”; Nicholas Carico, guitarist, composer of “Simply Do Not”, and arranger of “Playing in Traffic”; Joel McCord. Trumpet and flugelhorn; Jim Tavener. Tenor trombone; Rodney Laster. Alto saxophone and flute. Friend and musical colleague.
Artist: Richard Guba
Title: Songs for Stuffed Animals
Label: Self Produced
Release Date: 2024/08/06
UPC Code: 195269311001
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