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Sly5thAve presents “Akuma”

Sly5thAve (Sax) Ross Pederson (Drums), Daniel Foose (Bass), Hajime Yoshida (Electric Guitar), Keita Ogawa (Percussion), Jay Jennings (Trumpet), Brad Williams (Acoustic Guitar…tracks 7, 10), Cory Henry (Piano and Wurlitzer tracks 1,2,3 10), Phil Lassiter (Trumpet track 7), John Leadbetter (Flute track 5, 7), Zach Brock (Violin track 6,10), Denitia Odigie (Voice track 9)

Artist: Sly5thAve presents "Akuma"
Title: (Truth Revolution Records TRR-014)
Artist Website: www.sly5thave.com
Release Date: 2014/02/11
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