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Yola Nash - “ Manhattan Whispers”

Singer, Songwriter, Album Cover Designer - Yola Nash, Poet, Composer, Spoken Word - Fella Cederbaum, Music Director, Pianist, Arranger, Keyboardist - Edsel Gomez, Accordionist, Composer - Alex Meixner, Guitarist, Composer - Graham Keir, Percussionist, Drummer - Luisito Quintero, Bassist - Dave Baron, Composer - Octavio Vazquez, Ryan C. McNally, Background Vocals - Lonnie Park, Guest Artists: Amadeusz Naklicki, Arian Naklicki, Andrzej Naklicki.
Artist: Yola Nash
Title: Manhattan Whispers
Release Date: 2022/09/16
UPC Code: 085218052546
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