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Albare - “Plays Jobim Vol. II”

Albare-Co-Producer Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Joe Chindamo-arranger, orchestra conductor, piano, Luisito Quintero-percussion,  Pablo Bencid Drums (except for Once I Loved and Dindi), Ricardo "Ricky" Rodriquez-Bass, Phil Turcio-co-producer, mixing, mastering Guest Musicians: Randy Brecker on Favela and  Só Danço Samba, Antonio Sanchez Drums on Once I Loved and Dindi, Nestor Torres-flute on Summer Samba and How Insensitive
Artist: Albare
Title: Plays Jobim Vol. II
Label: ALFi Records ALFl10821
Release Date: 2021/03/05
UPC Code: 9324690189793
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