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Don Paul - “ Love Over War”

DON PAUL with the RIVERS ANSWER MOONS band. DON PAUL-SPOKEN WORDS, ROGER LEWIS alto, baritone, tenor and soprano saxophones, HERLIN RILEY drums-set, KIRK JOSEPH sousaphone, MICHAEL TORREGANO JR. piano and electronic keyboards, MARIO ABNEY trumpet, ERICA FALLS guest singer.DHYANI DHARMA slide-guitar on “My Old Man”KIDD JORDAN tenor saxophone and MORIKEBA KOUYATE koraon ‘About Reinaldo, Mourning and Outrage’DON PAUL bhodran on “A Baby’s Smile Is Sweet To See
Artist: Don Paul
Title: Love Over War
Label: Irresistible Records / Revolutionary Records 27
Release Date: 2022/04/01
UPC Code: 606638702639
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