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Mike Bogle Trio - “Live At Stoney’s”

Track Listing:
  1. Humpty Dumpty
  2. Speak Like A Child
  3. Ninguno Experiment
  4. Fried Bananas
  5. Lona’s Tune
  6. Thanksgiving
  7. Upper Manhattan Medical Group
  8. Prelude To A Kiss
  9. Down Home
Artist: Mike Bogle Trio
Title: Live At Stoney’s
Label: MBP/Groove! 214-850-0916
Artist Website: www.mikebogle.com
Release Date: 2016/05/06
UPC Code: 89211837182
Mike Bogle-piano, Lou Harlas, Bass, Steve Barnes, Drums


For an art form that is so steeped in spontaneity, nothing beats the immediacy provided by the live jazz performance as artists and audience share the same air of creative exposition. This is proven beyond question by Live at Stoney’s, the new trio recording by the multi-talented pianist, composer, arranger, prominent educator and Grammy nominee, Mike Bogle. Comprised equally of looking back at some outstanding compositions by great jazz composers and Mike’s own forward-looking pieces, Live at Stoney’s is a refreshing and inventive excursion into jazz expression.

With the bass and drums tandem of Lou Harlas and Steve Barnes providing remarkably creative and sensitive support, Mike tears into this delightful nine item repertoire as he celebrates the birthday he shares with the immortal Billy Strayhorn at the popular Dallas club. Quite appropriately, Stray is represented here with a spirited and pulsing interpretation of his classic Upper Manhattan Medical Group, leading into a most tender and touching version of his alter-ego Duke Ellington’s Prelude to a Kiss.

Mike’s imaginative takes on the works of other heavyweight composers include a fiery, rollicking spin on Chick Corea’s Humpty Dumpty, an evocative and atmospheric Speak Like a Child by Herbie Hancock, and a driving romp on Dexter Gordon’s Fried Bananas. The four Bogle originals aptly demonstrate that the inspiration these masters have provided has been taken to heart in his own composing, blended in perfectly on this album. Ninguno Experiment is riveting and robust. The lushly evocative, vibrant Thanksgiving is beautifully encased in subtly effective synthesizer shadowing. Beautiful balladry is the mode for Lona’s Tune; and the rousing, jubilant Down Home closes out the album to the hollers and rapturous applause of the enthusiastic and delighted audience.

Dr. Mike Bogle’s Live at Stoney’s is brilliant musicianship, wonderful compositions and an exhilarating celebration of piano jazz at its finest.


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