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Recording Clients / 2007 Projects

JC & The Jazz Hoppers

JC & The Jazz Hoppers“Chillin’ At Home”

(Jazz-Hop Inc. Recordings)

→Street Date: 01/01/2007

Hendrik Meurkens

Hendrik Meurkens – “New York Samba Jazz Quintet”

(Zoho Roots)

Hendrik Meurkens - harmonica, vibes; Jed Levy - tenor sax, flute; Helio Alves - piano, Gustavo Amarante - bass; Adriano Santos - drums.

→Street Date: 01/09/2007

Jonathan Poretz

Jonathan Poretz“A Lot Of Livin’ To Do”

(Pacific Coast Jazz)

→Street Date: 01/16/2007

Leonisa Ardizzone Quartet FirstWord: The

Leonisa Ardizzone Quartet FirstWord: The“Afraid of the Heights”

(Ardijenn Music)

→Street Date: 02/01/2007

Nanny Assis

Nanny Assis“Double Rainbow”

(Blue Toucan)

→Street Date: 02/02/2007

Mel Davis

Mel Davis“It’s About Time!”

(Tom Tom Records)

→Street Date: 02/06/2007

One More

One More – “The Summary – Music of Thad Jones Vol. ”

(IPO Recordings)

Hank Jones: piano; James Moody: tenor sax and flute; Benny Golson: tenor sax; Frank Wess: tenor sax and flute; Eddie Daniels: clarinet and tenor sax; Jimmy Owens: trumpet and flugelhorn; John Mosca: trombone; Richard Davis: bass; Kenny Washington: drums.

→Street Date: 02/13/2007

Pablo Aslan

Pablo Aslan – “Buenos Aires Tango Standards”


→Street Date: 02/13/2007

Brooklyn Repertory Ensemble

Brooklyn Repertory Ensemble – “Pragmatic Optimism”

→Street Date: 03/01/2007

Peter Primamore

Peter Primamore“Grancia”

(Blue Apple Music)

→Street Date: 03/01/2007

Stryker/Slagle Band FirstWord: The

Stryker/Slagle Band FirstWord: The“Latest Outlook”


Dave Stryker — guitar, Steve Slagle — alto and soprano saxophone, Jay Anderson — bass Billy Hart — drums, Joe Lovano — tenor saxophone.

→Street Date: 03/13/2007

Tad Robinson

Tad Robinson – “A New Point Of View”

(Severn Records)

→Street Date: 03/20/2007

James Moody with the Hank Jones Trio

James Moody with the Hank Jones Trio

(IPO Recordings)

Adam Nussbaum - drums and Todd Coolman — bass and special guest Roberta Gambarini.

→Street Date: 03/31/2007

Pancho Navarro

Pancho Navarro – “Solo Guitar”

→Street Date: 03/31/2007

Jane Stuart

Jane Stuart – “Beginning To See The Light”

→Street Date: 04/01/2007

Tyrone Birkett featuring Paula Ralph-Birkett

Tyrone Birkett featuring Paula Ralph-Birkett – “In The Fullness Of Time”

(Convergence Music Group)

→Street Date: 04/01/2007

Frank London

Frank London – “A Night In The Old Market Place”

(Soundbrush Recordings)

→Street Date: 04/03/2007

Jimmy Hall & The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Collective

Jimmy Hall & The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Collective – “Build Your Own Fire”

(Zoho Roots)

Jimmy Hall - vocals, harmonicas & The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Collective: Clayton Ivey - keyboards; David Hood - bass; Larry Byrom - guitars; Jonathan Dees - drums with Delbert McClinton - vocals on track 1; Kira Smalls - vocals on tracks 2 and 12; Bruce Dees - vocals on track 3; Greg Martin - guitars.

→Street Date: 04/10/2007

Lafayette Harris, Jr.

Lafayette Harris, Jr.“In The Middle Of The Night”

(Airmen Records)

Lafayette Harris, Jr. - piano, keyboards, Donald Harrison, Terrell Stafford, Alyson Williams, Buddy Williams, Mike Hammond, Gary Hasse.

→Street Date: 05/01/2007

Lauren Hooker

Lauren Hooker“Right Where I Belong”

(Musical Legends)

Lauren Hooker - vocals, Allen Farnham - piano, Rufus Reid - bass, Tim Horner - drums.

→Street Date: 05/01/2007

Hector Martignon

Hector Martignon – “Refugee”

(Zoho Roots)

→Street Date: 05/08/2007

Saltman Knowles Quintet

Saltman Knowles Quintet – “It’s About the Melody”

(Blue Canoe Records)

Mark Z. Saltman — Bass, William Knowles — Piano, Lori Williams — Vocals Charles Langford — Saxophones, Mark G. Prince — Drums.

→Street Date: 05/15/2007

Towner Galaher

Towner Galaher“Panorama Towner”

(Galaher Music)

Towner Galaher - drums, Charles Fambrough - bass, Onaje Allen Gumbs - piano, Mark Shim - tenor sax, Maurice Brown - trumpet, Frank Colon & Johnny Almendra - persussion.

→Street Date: 06/01/2007

Rocco John Group FirstWord: The

Rocco John Group FirstWord: The“Don’t Wait Too Long”

(Coalition Of Creative Artists Productions)

Rocco John Iacovone - alto sax, Michael Irwin - trumpet, Aaron Keane - bass, Dalius Naujokaitis - drums.

→Street Date: 06/02/2007

Scott Tinkler

Scott Tinkler“Backwards Extreme”

Scott Tinkler - Solo Trumpet Improvisations.

→Street Date: 06/08/2007

Boots Randolph

Boots Randolph – “A Whole New Ballgame”

(Zoho Music)

Boots Randolph - tenor sax, Roddy Smith - guitars, Steve Willets - piano, Tim Smith - bass, Ray Von Rotz - drums & percussion, Jason Webb - keyboard strings, Mark Stallings - Hammond B 3.

→Street Date: 06/12/2007

Robert MacGregor

Robert MacGregor“Refraction Of Light”

(Cerebus Records)

Robert MacGregor - tenor saxophone, Miro Sprague - piano, Perry Wortman - bass, Will Clark - drums.

→Street Date: 06/15/2007

Saco Yasuma

Saco Yasuma“Another Rain”

(Leaf Note Productions)

Saco Yasuma-alto Sax & Xaphoon (Bamboo Sax), Roy Campbell-trumpet & flugelhorn, Andrew Bemkey-piano & bass clarinet, Ken Filiano-bass, Micaehl T. A. Thompson-Sound rhythium Percussion, Golda Solomon-Words.

→Street Date: 06/26/2007

Darby Dizard

Darby Dizard“Down For You”

(One Soul)

Christopher Cherney — Piano, Jim Cammack — Bass, Cyro Baptista — Percussion, Tony Romano — Guitar, Artie Dixson — Drums, Patience Higgins — Clarinet.

→Street Date: 07/01/2007

George Gee And The Jump, Jivin' Wailers Swing Orchestra

George Gee And The Jump, Jivin' Wailers Swing Orchestra“If Dreams Come True”

(Gjazz Records)

George Gee (bandleader) Walt Szymanski (trumpet, music director & vocals), Steve Wiseman (trumpet), Brian Bonvissuto (trombone), Mark Gross (alto sax & clarinet), Michael Hashim (tenor sax, except for Track 13 replaced by Lance Bryant), Alex Harding (baritone sax), Steve Einerson (piano, except for Track 13 replaced by Rick Germanson), Rick Briskin (guitar), Marcus McLaurine (bass, except for Track 13 replaced by Daryl Hall), Willard Dyson (drums), Dan Block (clarinet), John Dokes (vocals) and Carla Cook (vocals, appears courtesy of MAXJAZZ Records).

→Street Date: 07/02/2007

Todd Herbert

Todd Herbert – “The Path to Infinity”

(Metropolitan Records)

Todd Herbert - tenor sax, George Colligan - piano, Dwayne Burno - bass, Darrin Becket - drums / David Hazeltine - piano, John Webber - bass, Joe Farnsworth - drums (track 5).

→Street Date: 07/03/2007

Pretty Things FirstWord: The

Pretty Things FirstWord: The – “Balboa Island”

(Zoho Roots)

→Street Date: 08/07/2007

Carlos Barbosa-Lima

Carlos Barbosa-Lima – “O Boto”

(Zoho Music)

Featuring Carlos Barbosa-Lima acoustic guitar, The Sofia Soloists, Plamen Djaurov conductor.

→Street Date: 08/14/2007

Alessandro D’episcopo Trio

Alessandro D’episcopo Trio – “Meraviglioso”


Alessandro D’episcopo: piano, Hämi Hämmerli: double bass, Elmar Frey: drums.

→Street Date: 09/01/2007

Barb Jungr

Barb Jungr – “Bare Again”

(ZC Records)

→Street Date: 09/01/2007

Charlie Haden & Antonio Forcione

Charlie Haden & Antonio Forcione – “Heartplay”

(The Naim Label)

→Street Date: 09/01/2007

Charmaine Clamor

Charmaine Clamor – “Flippin’ Out”

(FreeHam Records)

Charmaine Clamor - vocals, Christian Jacob - piano, Trey Henry - bass, Ray Brinker - drums, Julius Tolentino - alto sax, Abe Lagrimas, Jr. - ukulele, Gustavo Garcia - percussion, Richard Ickard - guitar, Zaxariades guitar, percussion, vocals, Pakaraguian Kulintang Ensemble.

→Street Date: 09/01/2007

Danny Weis

Danny Weis – “Sweet Spot”


→Street Date: 09/01/2007

François Ingold Trio

François Ingold Trio – “Song Garden”


François Ingold: piano, Diégo Imbert: double bass, Fred Bintner: drums.

→Street Date: 09/01/2007

Jewels And Binoculars

Jewels And Binoculars – “Ships with Tattooed Sails”

(Upshot Records)

Lindsey Horner, Michael Vatcher, Michael Moore play music of Bob Dylan.

→Street Date: 09/01/2007

Jon Hemmersam / Dom Minasi Quartet

Jon Hemmersam / Dom Minasi Quartet

(CDM Records)

Featuring Ken Filano & Kresten Osgood.

→Street Date: 09/01/2007

Porter|Di Castri|Sferra Trio

Porter|Di Castri|Sferra Trio – “Italian Encounter”


Lewis Porter - piano, Furio DiCastri - bass, Fabrizio Sferra - drums.

→Street Date: 09/01/2007

Eddie Daniels

Eddie Daniels – “Homecoming Live at the Iridium (2CD Set)”

Recorded Live@Iridium NYC during his 65th Birthday week Oct. 19-22, 2006 Eddie Daniels: clarinet, tenor sax, Joe Locke: vibes, Tom Ranier: piano, Dave Finck: bass, Joe LaBarbera: drums. TRACK LISTING: Falling In Love With Love, Resolution, Not Alone, Under the Wire, Django, Love’s Long Journey, That’s For Afta, Deja VU MJQ, Warm Valley, Nite and Day, Prism, Chosen Words. Appearing at Iridium Oct. 18-21

→Street Date: 09/04/2007

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith“The Swingin’ Bassoon”

(Zah Zah)

Daniel Smith - bassoon, Martin Bejerano - piano, John Sullivan - bass, Ludwig Afonso - drums.

→Street Date: 10/01/2007

Dave Mullen & Butta

Dave Mullen & Butta“Mahoney’s Way”

Featuring Dave Mullen - saxophones, Lisala Beatty - vocals, Courtney Bradley - vocals, True Worship Ministries Singers, Dario Boente - piano & keys, Etienne Lytle - Hammond Organ, Tristan Leral - keys/strings arr., Mark Egan - bass, Ron Richardson - bass, Don Martin - bass, Nile Rogers - guitar, Marc Ribot - guitar, Eric Barrett - guitar, Victor Jones - drums, Abe Fogle - drums, Eric Jay - turntables, Ronnie Roc - congas & per, Paul Bradenburg - trumpet, J. Walter Hawkes - trombone.

→Street Date: 10/01/2007

David Rogers Sextet

David Rogers Sextet – “The World Is Not Your Home”

(Jumbie Records)

David Rogers - tenor saxophone, Craig Taborn (piano), Gerald Cleaver (drums), Marion Hayden (acoustic bass), Mark Stone (vibraphone & percussion) and Derek Bermel (clarinet).

→Street Date: 10/01/2007

Ed Johnson & Novo Tempo

Ed Johnson & Novo Tempo“The Other Road”

(Cumulus Records)

Ed Johnson - vocals & guitar.

→Street Date: 10/01/2007

Jason Kao Hwang-Sang Won Park

Jason Kao Hwang-Sang Won Park – “Local Lingo”

(Euonymus Records)

→Street Date: 10/01/2007

Michael Camacho

Michael Camacho – “Just For You”

(New Found Records)

Michael Camacho - Vocals, Tim Regusis - Piano, Francois Moutin - Bass, Randy Napoleon - Guitar; Darryl Pellegrini & Marcello Pelliteri (Just for You) - Drums, Norman Hedman - Percussion, Dan Block - Tenor & Soprano Sax. Appearing Sept. 22, 2007 Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill, Hollywood, CA.

→Street Date: 10/01/2007

Paul Nash

Paul Nash“Jazz Cycles”

(MNMO Records)

Shane Endsley - trumpet, Bruce Williamson - soprano & alto sax, Tim Ries - tenor sax, Jim Ridl - piano, Vic Juris - guitar, Jay Anderson - bass, Grisha Alexiev - drums.

→Street Date: 10/02/2007

Pablo Ziegler

Pablo Ziegler – “Buenos Aires Report”


Pablo Ziegler - piano, Quique Sinesi - guitar, Walter Castro - bandoneon. Recorded live at Bimshuis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in April 2006.

→Street Date: 10/09/2007

Marsha Heydt

Marsha Heydt“One Night”

(Blue Toucan)

Featuring Marsha Heydt - Alto & Soprano and Flute Norman Pors-piano, Marc Schmied - bass, Vito Lesczak-drums, Sheryl Bailey - guitar, Marlon Simon - per, Todd Schwartz - trumpet & FlhHn, Carla Cook - vocals, Erik Friedlander - cello, Rob Thomas - violin, Anne Marie Bedney - viola, Nioka Kim Workman - cello. The Vocalist on Track 6 is Carla Cook.

→Street Date: 10/30/2007

Joe Friedman

Joe Friedman“Cup O’ Joe”

(Nas music)

→Street Date: 11/01/2007

Katie Bull

Katie Bull“The Story So Far”

(Corn Hill Indie)

Katie Bull, vocals, Frank Kimbrough, piano, Michael Jefry Stevens, piano, Joe Fonda, bass Matt Wilson, drums, Harvey Sorgen, drums, Jeff Lederer, Saxophones, David Cast, Saxophones, David Phelps, guitar.

→Street Date: 11/01/2007

Mr. Groove

Mr. Groove – “Little Things”

(DiamonDisc Records)

→Street Date: 11/01/2007

Jon Larsen

Jon Larsen – “Strange News From Mars”

(Zonic Entertainment)

Jon Larsen, guitar, martian; Tommy Mars, keyboards, telephone; Bruce Fowler, trombone; Arthur Barrow, general magic & bass; Rob Waring, marimba; Jimmy Carl Black, vocal, percussion; Knut Reiersrud, guitar, harmonica; Hakon Mjaset Johansen, drums.

→Street Date: 11/13/2007