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Carol Liebowitz / Bill Payne > CD Release “Spiderwebmandala” on Line Art Records

Carol Liebowitz / Bill Payne > CD Release "Spiderwebmandala" on Line Art Records


and special guest
celebrate their new release

November 16, 2018 @ 8pm

168 Seventh Street, Bklyn

Carol Liebowitzpiano
Bill Payneclarinet

special guest  
Mark Weberpoetry

1. Deep Sky  5:07
2. Spiderweb Mandala Flower Explosion Poem: Drishti*  4:40
3. Desert Dance  3:57
4. Secrets  4:44
5. Tempest  2:40
6. Mixtures of Aroma in the Smoke*  4:24
7. Notes on a Dream  7:04
8. Hidden Canyon  5:39
9. Vanishing Point  4:44

*tracks 2 and 6 with Mark Weber

Spiderwebmandala was recorded live at Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2016. Liebowitz and Payne shared two evenings with friends in concerts curated by poet Mark Weber. All of the music was spontaneously improvised.

Liebowitz and Payne owe no allegiance to anything or anyone. Their opening missive—“Deep Sky”—makes that abundantly clear. Angular queries, headlong dives, searching glances, and dalliances with discord all inform that bewitching piece and much of what follows it. . . .  there’s much wisdom and contemplation to be carried away from this music.
—All About Jazz

The intricate sonic tapestry that Carol and Bill weave for you on “Secrets” will remain high on your playlists for months (maybe even years) to come if you enjoy freeform jazz without restrictions! . . .  just listen to Mark’s brilliant vocal interaction on the title track, “Spiderweb Mandala,” and you’ll be an instant believer in the power these folks convey. MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
—Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews


. . . covers ground that ranges from the impressionistic to the sharp edged, the mysterious to the celebratory, the lyrical to the concrete. . . . On “Notes on a Dream,” the duo’s magical simultaneity and confluences reach a dazzling pinnacle. 
—Mel Minter, musically speaking (melminter.com)

Pianist Carol Liebowitz and clarinetist Bill Payne show their uncurbed appetite for sonic exploration . . .

Carol Liebowitz & Bill Payne

Clarinetist Bill Payne and pianist Carol Liebowitz have been playing together since 2010. Their first release from 2015, Payne Lindal Liebowitz, a trio with violinist Eva Lindal, has been widely praised for its originality, and mix of lyricism and intensity. Bill Payne is “a clarinet player of immense talent and clear distinction” (Cadence). The CD is defined by “high caliber musicianship and intelligent, electrifying artistry” . . . Liebowitz displays a “vibrant and sonorous pianism” with “chords that brim with ardent energy and hypnotic beauty” while Payne “coaxes eloquent and wistful poetry out of his clarinet” (All About Jazz). The disc was voted one of the Top Ten Jazz CDs by Art Lange (Point of Departure) in the 2015 NPR Jazz Critics Poll.

Pianist and singer Carol Liebowitz brings a uniquely expressive and personal sound to the jazz and free improvisation scene. After focusing on classical repertoire at the High School of Performing Arts and NYU, her musical direction turned to improvisation and she began studying with Connie Crothers. Other influential teachers have included Sal Mosca, Jay Clayton and Sheila Jordan. She has performed in Europe and throughout the New York City metropolitan area in venues such as Roulette, The Stone, Cornelia Street Cafe, IBeam, The Firehouse Space, Arts for Art, Spectrum, Galapagos and Birdland. In addition to frequent solo concert appearances, Carol has worked in various groups with musicians including Daro Behroozi, Tom Blancarte, Adam Caine, Daniel Carter, Kim Cass, Bill Chattin, Claire de Brunner, Maryanne de Prophetis, Andrew Drury, Ken Filiano, Birgitta Flick, Guillermo Gregorio, Ratzo Harris, Ron Horton, Louise D.E. Jensen, Will Jhun, KenYa Kawaguchi, Adam Lane, Eva Lindal, Nick Lyons, Adam Melville, Don Messina, Ryan Messina, Bill Payne, John Pietaro, Lorenzo Sanguedolce, John Wagner, Michael Wimberly,  Andrea Wolper, dancer Michiru Inoue and poet Mark Weber. Carol has two releases on the New Artists label—“Waves of Blue Intensities,” a duo with tenor saxophonist Bob Field, and “Time on My Hands,” a voice and guitar duo with Andy Fite. Her recordings on Line Art Records include Payne Lindal Liebowitz, a trio with Bill Payne and Eva Lindal, First Set, a duo with alto saxophonist Nick Lyons, and Poetry from the Future, with Claire de Brunner, Daniel Carter, and Kevin Norton—the quartet TO BE CONTINUED. Malita-Malika, a recent duo CD with tenor saxophonist Birgitta Flick on Leo Records, was included in Editors’ Picks—Downbeat, November 2018.

Bill Payne was raised in Harvey, Illinois and began playing clarinet at age 10, later studying with Don Kramer and Lewis Wyatt. He has experienced a unique life on the road with theatre companies, Broadway shows, big bands, and traveling circuses. Bill’s improvisations have received spectacular reviews noting his originality, range, beauty of sound and deep expression. He cites meeting Connie Crothers as a major turning point in his musical life, leading to their outstanding performances and recordings. Other artists he has worked with include Eva Lindal, Carol Liebowitz, poet Mark Weber, Richard Tabnik, Roger Mancuso, Kevin Norton, Bud Tristano, Cheryl Richards, Michael Vlatkovich, William Roper, Chris Garcia, and Harry Scorzo. Bill has performed at venues including The Stone, iBeam, Connie Crothers’ Loft Concert Series in Brooklyn, Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque, NM, and the Center For The Arts in Eagle Rock, CA. Bill Payne and Connie Crothers’ CD “Conversations” on New Artists Records was voted one of the “Best 10 Jazz CDs Released in 2008” by Bill Shoemaker (DownBeat) and Art Lange (Point of Departure) in the Village Voice Jazz Critics Poll. 

“Payne’s clarinet moves like a leaf buffeted by the wind…”
—Ed Hazell, Point of Departure

Mark Weber

Mixtures of aroma in the smoke
incense corruscating & swirls
It is as the doctrines suggest
much like the spirit

free and ever re-inventing itself
. . . over the bridge

into the forest of trees
The old roads out of the East
Gossamer wings
Solemn vow to look out for each other
The old roads out of the past. . . .
swirling and cloudy
When those at sea did not return
When a tree is cut down
When sorrow enter’d into the world
Someday I’ll bury this pencil in the garden

and ride a galloping horse into the s
Mark Weber, November 2012

is available from
CDBaby, iTunes

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