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Gabriele Tranchina “Of Sailing Ships And The Stars In Your Eyes” CD Release Show @Trumpets Saturday June 23rd 8:00pm to 11:00pm

Gabriele Tranchina "Of Sailing Ships And The Stars In Your Eyes" CD Release Show @Trumpets Saturday June 23rd 8:00pm to 11:00pm


May 23, 2018

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CD Release Show for 
Gabriele Tranchina

"Of Sailing Ships And The Stars In Your Eyes"

We are very excited to be holding our CD release party at Trumpets, the greatest jazz club in New Jersey. We hope you will all be able to come and join us. Please share and spread the word. 

Saturday June 23 2018 
8:00pm to 11:00pm 
Trumpets Jazz Club
6 Depot Square

Montclair, NJ 07042
Reservations: (973) 744-2600 
admission: $20 at the door 
plus $12:00 minimum

Tickets & Info


Gabriele Tranchina, voice 
Joe Vincent Tranchina, piano 
Andy Eulau, bass 
Willie Martinez, drums 
Renato Thoms, percussion


Check out the music 


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Gabriele Tranchina

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What The Press Is Saying:

"Tranchina is a vocalist with a unique sound. There is the fragility of Stacey Kent and Astrud Gilberto but with the tonal quality of Nadia Basurto.” 
– Ian Lomax, Jazz Journal

“Gabriele Tranchina, whose fourth release (and first since 2010), Of Sailing Ships and the Stars in Your Eyes, demonstrates the singer's firm grasp across styles, genres, and, yes, languages. 
The singer's voice is singular and well balanced, capable of low purrs and assertive exuberance. Refined and fine is Of Sailing Ships and the Stars in Your Eyes.“
▪ Michael Bailey – All about jazz

“Not your typical bossa/Latin set that you can set and forget while you sit back and enjoy it, Tranchina has a way with the special sauce, ladling it out in just the right measure at just the right time. A sassy modern take on a classic vibe, this nicely ear opening set is a tonic of feel good music throughout. Check it out.”
▪ CHRIS SPECTOR, Midwest record

“Gabriele Tranchina moves like a fish in the water through different rhythms, with an educated and wonderful voice. She is able to walk through different moods, languages and musical genres. The one based in New York is an explorer by nature and this is printed in each of her songs.”

“Gabriele surprises with her ability to hold steady notes that other singers might artificially push down to make smoky, or force up to sound light. All of Tranchina’s notes sound right and expertly turned. None of the notes sound as though the singer has strained to reach them. In short, she doesn’t make a grating sound. 
Tranchina’s work flows easily from one cultural to the next. Each piece of the instrumentation meshes with the other, and none of it overwhelms the singer. That is important; the album remains one of vocal jazz and listeners get a chance to hear who the singer is, as shown through the work.”
▪ Doudie Miller-Gould, Lemonwire

A world artist, a jazz vocalist, a creative interpreter, a heavenly sound, a woman with a unique view of music, the world, and of singing.  This is just a small description of songbird Gabriele Tranchina.  She brings to her music a worldview — using music as a force for wholeness, a source of unity and energy for all. 

Setting sail into oceans of music, drawing from the world’s beauty and versatility.

A sailing ship is sure to encounter various adventures in its travels — sunshine, storms, calm waters, and high waves. Of Sailing Ships and the Stars in Your Eyes is a varietal musical adventure that sparkles with shining vocals by a respected world vocalist of broad tastes and distinctive experiences, the amazing Gabriele Tranchina. 

Each cut found on Of Sailing Ships and The Stars in Your Eyes (Rainchant Eclectic Records, RER1001, Oct 2017) is a side trip to a new destination. Bossa, Latin, swing, ballads, a 7/4, improv…. sadness, hope, joy, relationships, the future… all are there. We are again reminded of how much music is a true and accurate reflection of life itself. Gabriele sets foot on many shores, singing in 5 languages and a vocalese on the 7/4  “A Song for India”. This CD is a progression of her desire to explore music and rhythms from different cultures. 

Gabriele Tranchina, vocalist, is joined on this album by her husband pianist, composer and arranger, Joe Vincent Tranchina, who fills the tunes with unusual textures and shapes, guiding the high-level musicians in the band. His tastes, too, are complex and unexpected and the arrangements add an enormous richness to the overall impact of the individual tunes and the entire album. 

The other musicians in the band Carlo De Rosa (bass), Grammy award winning Vince Cherico (drums) and Renato Thoms (percussion) each give a distinctive flavor with their individual specialties, contributing unique aspects to each melody and rhythm. Whenever a group of musicians of this highest level gathers, the music they spontaneously create is impossible to categorize or even capture in words. Only listening will truly reveal what has been sculpted as it arose in each moment.

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