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Jason Kao Hwang Upcoming Live Appearances and News

Jason Kao Hwang Upcoming Live Appearances and News

The New Year

Wishing Everyone a
Happy, Healthy, Creative and Prosperous New Year!

Jason Kao Hwang/Critical Response
Jason Kao Hwang – composer/ electric violin and viola
Anders Nilsson – electric guitar
Michael T.A. Thompson – drums

Monday, December 30, 8 & 9:30 pm
330 Main Street
Beacon, NY

Monday, January 6, 9:45 pm
Bushwick Improvised Music Series
Bushwick Public House
1288 Myrtle Avenue
Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Also : 7pm Matt Bent – drums, Rowan Wolf – saxophone, Will Evans – trumpet, Kevin Eichenberger – bass  8pm Stephen Gauci – tenor saxophone, Adam Lane – bass, Kevin Shea – drums; 9pm Noa Fort – vocals, Aryeh Kobrinski – bass, Sarah Bernstein – violin/electronics; 10:45pm Colin Avery Hinton – drums, Tony Malaby – saxophones, Eivind Opsvik – bass, Todd Neufeld – guitar; 11:30pm special secret guest, Kevin Shea – drums, Matt Mottel – keys


Wednesday, January 1
The Poetry Project's 46th Annual New Year's Marathon
St. Mark's Church
131 East 10th St. (corner of 2nd Ave.)

From 2pm till midnight, a stream of poets and musicians will perform in 5 minute slots. I will perform solo between 6-7pm.  Between 7-8 pm, I perform with Yoshiko Chuma.


Saturday, January 11, 7pm – 2am
Winter JazzFest

Memorial Celebration of Life of Steve Dalachinsky

Nyuorican Poets Cafe
236 East 3rd St., NYC

Performers include:  Jason Kao Hwang, Davie Liebman, Marc Ribot, Fay Victor, Kris Davis, Baba Israel, Pasquale Cangiano, Ellen Christi, Lisa Sokolov, Charle Waters, Andrew Lampert, Tom Surgai, Lin Culburston, Ira Kaplan, Georgia Hubley, Samara Lubelski, Ernie Brooks, Matt Mottel, Kevin Shea, Cooper Moore , Jean Carla Rodea, Jaime Branch, James Brandon Lewis, Kenny Wollesen, Gerald Cleaver,  Daniel Carter


Great to perform in pianist David Haney's group with Adam Lane, Tomas Ulrich, Reggie Sylvester and Daniel Carter this past October at the Arete Gallery.

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CDs for sale at Bandcamp

It’s a beguiling album from beginning to end; the music is strong and unsentimental, but at the same time gentle and deeply empathetic. It’s quite magical.  – Ed Hazell,Point of Departure  

If it’s philosophical music, it’s far from dull music. There’s life, laughter, landscape and an affirmative lightness that is hard to resist. – Brian Morton, Jazz Journal

… the two created these fragile and delicate moments, rich in musicality and feeling … Overall it is an incision without moments of emptiness, which involves the listener from beginning to end, of two musicians in a state of grace who had something real to say to each other and made it public. – Vittori LoConte, musiczoom.it   
Conjure by Karl Berger and Jason Kao Hwang stands as a masterful combination of both jazz and classical styling which makes for an incredible listening experience.  – Vincent Teneriello, kuci.org  
Known as two of the best current improvisers, Hwang and Berger illustrate a stunning chemistry on this unpredictable and exciting record. -takeeffectreviews.com  
This other meeting, between Berger and Hwang, shows two musicians who interact without dilute their identities, celebrating free music and giving carte blanche to the deepest human emotions.  – Antonio Branco, Jazz.pt  
Wonderfully spontaneous unpredictable creativity…Karl’s piano/vibes and Jason’s violin/viola will summon spirits from your inner depths and take you on a journey like you’ve never been on before. – Rotcod Zzaj, Contemporary Fusion
Conjure..features eight improvised pieces that show their constantly openness to the moment… The opener, “Prophecy”, confirms that their voices make sense together. Berger launches the journey with a low-toned piano pedal, angular musings, and some caustic chordal movements. For its part, Hwang’s melodic narrative is as dramatic as it should be, and we can almost sense the tears suggested by his violin cries. – Felipe Freitas, Jazz Trails  
Listening to Hwang coax amazing sounds by plucking his strings on “Vanishing Roots” or Berger’s unpredictable piano chords and vibraphone notes may be unlike anything you’ve heard from a duo. – Jim Hines, makingascene.org   
Together, these two talented instrumentalists color outside the lines with an audacity and freedom that startles the senses. – Dee Dee McNeil, jazz journalist, musicalmemoris.wordpress.com  
This duo typically thrives on uncertainty while exploring a variety of textural subtleties. – by Dan Bilawsky,  Jazz Times  
Liltingly lyrical, the duo’s compositions continue to impress, as does their impeccable musicality… Grady Harp, amazon.com  
These are two practiced masters at free improvisation. I am confident that many listeners will find them as intriguing and accomplished as I do.   – Michael Ullman, artsfuse.org   

Subtle, beautiful, haunting, masterful and delicately commanding… summoning lyrical and sensitive music, finding profundity in restraint.  Squidco.com

With the kind of simpatico that comes from a relationship of long standing, those that want to hear sounds from some corner of the cosmos will enjoy what these two can come up with all on their own.  – Chris Spector, midwestrecord.com  
The two artists seem perfectly at ease with each others directional inclinations and they add some unexpected twists and turns to the path that they spontaneously create, leading the music in a direction that is unpredictable to both the listener or the musicians… – Ralph A.Miriello  notesonjazz.blogspot.com   


Top Ten CDs of 2019, Cadence Magazine

Blood isn't an unscripted free jazz recording but rather an uncompromising, five-act creation comprised of twenty-eight scenes. Still, however through-composed it is, the set plays like an emergent force of nature with a will of its own…Hwang draws on the liberating spirit of jazz whilst also grounding the performances in defined structures.  – Ron Schepper, Textura.com

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