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“Jazz Channel Showcase Tonight, Launch on Thursday”

November 29, 2010

To: Listings/Critics/Features
From: Jazz Promo Services


Attention: Jazz Musicians and Fans

From: Greg Thomas, Jazz Channel Producer, TheStage.tv

Re: Showcase (November 29) and Launch (December 2nd) of the Jazz Channel of TheStage.tv

You are invited to see the showcase and launch of the Jazz Channel of TheStage.tv this week: http://www.thestage.tv/Jazz

The showcase will occur on Monday evening, November 29th, from 8:30-10pm (EST) and the official launch on Thursday, December 2nd, beginning at 7pm and ending at 10pm.

"The Jazz Channel experience gives jazz musicians a way to reach an audience of jazz fans directly, in real time, around the world," says Jazz Channel producer Greg Thomas. "And fans can enjoy jazz performances from the intimacy of their own homes for free, and can cheer, chat, add time, and even give monetary tips to musicians they like and want to support."

Musicians who perform frequently and get good feedback from the audience will be eligible for the Leaderboard, which is a fun and competitive way to build an audience and earn cash every two weeks. (The top ten musicians on the leaderboard will be paid as described at the site.)

To perform, musicians simply need a webcam and a YouTube account. They can test the system easily, checking visuals and audio levels, by clicking the Camera Tester at the site (minimum 250Kbps upload speed). And for those on the cutting edge, the Jazz Channel can accommodate 3D webcams and the industry’s first dual streaming/relay with video.

Once a musician lines up to perform on Jazz Channel, he or she can perform for up to 4 minutes at a time, and then line up again. If the audience grants more time, the performer can receive up to 6 minutes.

Regular performers on the Jazz Channel will be eligible for participation on Your Concert version of the site, which will also be available for record label showcases and for fundraisers in the non-profit community. Performances are automatically uploaded to YouTube if the performer selects the appropriate option.

After the showcase and launch, the Jazz Channel will run on a weekly schedule of Thursday-Sunday, from 7pm-12 midnight EST.

Opportunity for Jazz Musicians:

    * Perform live from the comfort of your own home or studio

    * Expand your followers by increasing your online presence, voice and identity as a jazz musician

    * Perform, via dual streaming, with a musician in a different location

    * Link to a global audience of fans hungry for jazz.

    * Backing tracks are permitted, so you can play and improvise over existing recordings if desired.

    * Become a top performer at TheStage.tv Jazz Channel, place on the Top 10 Leaderboard, and get paid cash every two weeks.

    * Get paid tips directly into your bank account via Paypal

    * Sell your music (iTunes and Amazon)

    * Reach and gain YouTube subscribers

    * Promote your events/tours and websites

    * Automatically upload your performances to YouTube, and, if enabled, create MP3s

Opportunity for Jazz Fans:

    * From the intimacy of your own home, connect and communicate with jazz musicians playing live for you

    * Gain exposure to talented musicians you didn.t know about, and to musicians you.d like to hear more of, time and time again

    * Experience dual streams, where two musicians in different locations play together in real time

    * Share the excitement of jazz performance and improvisation in real time with family, neighbors, colleagues and friends

    * Give feedback (via cheers and chat) to the performers; and if you like them a lot, give them tips via Paypal

    * Subscribe to the You Tube channels of your favorite performers and get emails informing you of their upcoming performances on  the Jazz Channel


Since launching in January 2010, TheStage.tv Main Channel has had over 30,000 performances by 1000+ performers, and 2500 YouTube subscribers as well.

TheStage.tv surpasses live streaming competitors by offering musicians a way to perform with other musicians via dual stream; segment performances and automatically upload to YouTube; extract MP3s of each performance; and get tips via Paypal. Compatibility with 3D webcam technology and better user visual and audio experience are other factors that place TheStage.tv at the leading edge of online entertainment. The future is here and now, and TheStage.tv is the place to experience it!

The Stage.tv is licensed by BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC for live performances of copyrighted material, and with the Harry Fox Agency for digital versions of past performances.

Call to Action:

Join our showcase tonight, Monday, November 29th (8:30-10pm EST) and mark your calendar for the official launch on Thursday, December 2nd (7pm, EST)! If you miss the live performances, there will be archival clips that you can access, but for the best Jazz Channel experience, be there live and tell your friends and family to visit http://www.thestage.tv/Jazz!

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