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January 10, 2011

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Jazz Inside Magazine
January 2011

Volume:2 Issue:6

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Guitarist and long-time Tonight Show band leader Kevin Eubanks is featured in the January 2011 issue of Jazz Inside Magazine, in an interview conducted by Ken Weiss. This 64-page edition also features interviews with saxophonists Charles Lloyd, Roscoe Mitchell, trumpeter Matt Lavelle, drummer Jeff Watts plus CD reviews and articles to delight your jazz palette.

The January 2011 issue of Jazz Inside Magazine (64 pages), available free in print and as a down-loadable digital edition is designed for jazz lovers worldwide – and features guitarist Kevin Eubanks – in an interview conducted by Ken Weiss – discussing his new Mack Avenue recording, Zen Food, the importance of marketing one’s music, how jazz artists get in the way of their own success by maintaining the belief that marketing, publicity, dressing up, and other image-bolstering activities are somehow selling out and negative influences in attracting fans to the music.

Kevin observed “The reputation that jazz has of being this exclusive hip, too hip for the room, kind of relishing in our own idealistic, cerebral music and all that, I think is hurting the music and the musicians. We’re romanticizing things from another decade when those things helped to populate the music and now it helps to depopulate the music."

Jack Kleinsinger, the creator of New York’s longest-running jazz concert series, now in its 38th year, talks candidly about his love of jazz, the many concerts he has produced and his career in the legal profession, as a staff lawyer for the New York State Attorney General. At one point the Attorney General was offput by Kleinsinger pursuing his interest in jazz while working as a staff lawyer and suggested Jack choose between jazz and being a staff lawyer. Jack responded:

"…my press agent will have to issue a statement that we’re ending our series of concerts at New York University and canceling musician’s contracts because the Attorney General of the State of New York feels it’s undignified for a member of his staff to promote America’s black art form.’ And I said the magic word. If you’ve ever seen a science fiction movie where a head spins 360 degrees, that’s pretty much what happened."

Despite featuring young and emerging jazz artists on his concerts, Jack also voices his concern about the future of jazz. “I know there’s going to be a next generation of musicians, I’m just wondering if there’s going to be a next generation of listeners.”

Download here: http://jazzinsidemagazine.com/publications/guide/january-2011

  This issue also features interviews with saxophonists Roscoe Mitchell, Charles Lloyd, drummer Jeff Watts, and trumpeter Matt Lavelle.

Lloyd comments: “I started to think that there must be more to life than fame and fortune. My success came very fast as a young man. I began living a life of extreme excesses … On top of that, the music business wanted to control me and put me in stadiums as a product. I didn’t see what that had to do with
music. So I got off the bus, so to speak.“I realized that if I wanted to change the world through the beauty of music, I had better start by changing myself.”

Drummer Jeff Watts discusses his experience as the drummer on The Tonight Show in the early 1990s “I kind of had a pre-conception that I could go there and do that job [The Tonight Show with Jay Leno] but also continue to be an artist the way I was trying to be. But I guess, whatever you do, you kind of become that … I was kind of in denial for like the first six months and I would take flights and commute back to New York …. So, I just got tired of that and settled into this thing. “I’m a T.V. drummer…”

Watts also touches upon his experiences with Wynton Marsalis and a few understandings he has picked up along the way to becoming a bandleader. “One of the main things I’ve noticed is if you’re going to try to get an artist to not do
something, then all you have to do is suggest that they do something because it’ll be the last thing they do, just naturally. Because they want to follow their own muse.”

The CD Spotlight section highlights releases by
Chet Baker, Luis Bonilla, Chris Crocco, Jake Fryer, Bud Shank, Conrad Herwig, Rob Keiter, Russell Malone, Nancy Marano, Microscopic Septet, Marcus Miller, Herbert Nuss, Barbara Rosene, Lee Shaw and Toph-E and The Pussycats.

This month’s installment of Ira Gitler’s Apple Chorus focuses on the expansion of the Louis Armstrong Museum and the new building that will house the Louis Armstrong archives a performance center and more, scheduled to be completed and open in 2013.

Comprehensive monthly calendar and event listings for the number one jazz market in the world – New York – span 16 pages.

Download here: http://jazzinsidemagazine.com/publications/guide/January-2011

Jazz Inside Magazine is published monthly and is also available in print, free at 200 locations around the New York metro area, and by paid subscription for jazz fans.

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