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Marty Nelson “A Tribute to Sinatra, plus Saturday, December 11th Chico’s House of Jazz

December 2, 2010

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Born in New Jersey and a lifelong Jersey Shore native, Marty Nelson has worked as a singer, composer and producer for more than 30 years.

As a teenager, he began his music career as a founding member of the original “Manhattan Transfer” (Capitol Records). He then signed on as a writer and producer for Lifesong Records and finally became a New York City freelance studio singer where he has sung on film soundtracks, records, live performances, TV specials and cartoons.

Marty has also performed on more than 1000 TV and Radio commercials, many times featured as the solo voice for Heineken, McDonalds, Coke, Pepsi, Folgers, General Tires and many more.

As a back-up singer, he recorded with a variety of artists from Frank Sinatra to Jim Croce to The Village People. He also performed on the PBS “Great Performances” TV presentation of “West Side Story” – conducted By Leonard Bernstein.

Marty has often been asked to do Sinatra-style solos on commercials and has now decided to focus his talents on a solo jazz review entitled “A Tribute to Sinatra, plus . . ?”
 “My goal in creating this show is not to imitate Mr. Sinatra, but to pay tribute to him and his music as best I can. I chose some of my favorite Sinatra recordings to be the core of my performance and have added other scat-oriented material that I hope audiences will enjoy.

I have always thought of scatting as the purest form of vocal expression because it flows from the sub-conscious, not unlike an artist letting his hands flow freely with brush upon a blank canvas. Scatting draws from our basic common human emotions, experiences and environment – communicating as much as the limitations of our instrument, our voice, will allow.”
Marty will be performing two shows (8PM and 10PM) of “A Tribute to Sinatra, plus . . ?” at Chico’s House of Jazz on December 11th. The show includes many Sinatra hits along with original extended scat arrangements of other classic jazz/pop classics. Marty also performs a few of his more famous commercials and gets the audience involved with an interactive scat feature. This is a fun evening of great music.

Marty also offers vocal Scat Seminars to schools, colleges and community organizations. If interested in contacting Marty Nelson, email him at mnels199@att.net.
His website: http://www.risetomorrowpublishing.com/

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