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Mike Fahie Quintet @ Miles Cafe Wed, Oct 27th, 9:30 pm

October 25, 2010

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Mike Fahie Quintet @ Miles Cafe
Wed, Oct 27th, 9:30 pm
212 E. 52nd St. b/w 2nd & 3rd Ave.


   Mike Fahie – trombone
 Bill McHenry – tenor saxophone
 Ben Monder – guitar
 Jorge Roeder – bass
 Rob Garcia – drums

Playing music from the 2010 Brooklyn Jazz Underground release "Anima"

 "Mike Fahie’s debut CD… features an explosive and exploratory ensemble. …  There is so much to enjoy on this program, starting with the impressive original compositions and intelligent arrangements. … After hearing Mike Fahie as a member of trombone sections on several fine recordings, it’s such a treat to hear his music and playing on "Anima".  This is the sort of program that just gets better with each listen." Richard B. Kamins – Step Tempest

   "Fahie’s writing, arranging and leadership talents possess the same outstanding quality that saturates his playing skills. … Jazz needs all the new experiences it can get.  Mike Fahie goes one better: Anima gives the genre a taste of new life – not a bad accomplishment on a debut."  J. Hunter – All About Jazz

   "(Fahie) is an erudite, witty composer and a trombonist with serious chops.  That albums like Anima keep getting made proves that jazz as an art form is thriving…" Thomas Conrad – Stereophile

   "Fahie announces himself as a daring, inventive player…" Terrell Holmes – All About Jazz New York

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