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Minton’s Playhouse presents Saturdays with JC Hopkins Biggish Band hosted by comedian Ariel Leaty, Jazz Star Fridays and Big Band Sundays

Minton's Playhouse presents Saturdays with JC Hopkins Biggish Band hosted by comedian Ariel Leaty, Jazz Star Fridays and Big Band Sundays


October 3, 2019

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The owner of the legendary Minton's Playhouse Raphael Baccus has brought on Grammy nominated band leader JC Hopkins to resume the programming

Grammy nominated band leader JC Hopkins has resumed the programming for the most legendary supper club in the history of jazz: Minton's Playhouse- Harlem birthplace of bebop. Hopkins' Biggish Band is at the nucleus of the programming with a weekly Saturday residency that features a ten piece band and an array of stunning up and coming vocalists including Vanisha-Arleen Gould, Joy Hanson, Shawn Whitehorn and Nico Sarbanes. The Biggish Band, whose sound merges Mingus with Billy May, has been fertile ground for great talent such as the likes of Norah Jones, Jazzmeia Horn, Madeleine Peyroux and Brianna Thomas who all have been featured with regularity in the group. 


Friday nights is the Jazz Diva Series. Stunning vocalists create ambiance while innovatively interpreting the great American Songbook. Concluding the Sunday series, The Piano Speaks Theo Hill hosts Bertha Hope and Anthony Wonsey and in October the formidable 17 piece big band of Jason Marshall will be the feature Sunday act. 


Every Saturday Night: JC Hopkins Biggish Band featuring Joy Hanson, Vanisha Gould, Shawn Whitehorn and Nico Sarbanes

Minton’s Playhouse is bringing back the real supper club experience with the ultra dynamic Biggish Band featuring a coterie of stupendous vocalists and hosted by comedian extraordinaire Ariel Leaty


Fridays: Jazz Diva Series:


October 4th: Charles Turner

One of the most outstanding jazz male vocalists on the scene today. Charles Turner swings like mad but also moves audiences with the way he handles a ballad. He draws from the songbook but also has a wealth of beautiful original material. Not to be missed!


October 11th: Blues Friday with Solomon Hicks

Solomon Hicks is the most stellar blues and jazz guitarist and vocalist on the scene today. His skills as a soloist, whether playing jazz or the blues is a remarkable thing to see and to hear. Also a gifted vocalist he has moved audiences all of the world- not bad for such a young man!


October 18th: Lezlie Harrison

Lezlie Harrison is her own personal renaissance. Her constant state of evolution and growth brings with it, gifts for those those paying attention. As a vocalist both bold and subtle, her vulnerability attends to the fragile matters of our collective human affairs while her optimistic momentum inspires us to rise above any tribulation to rejoice. Be it Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Soul, The American Song Form, original compositions or any song in ANY form, Ms. Harrison will imbue it her distinctive stamp and make a very personal delivery.


October 25th: Joy Hanson

Truly remarkable, one of the most evocative jazz vocalists of our time. Joy Hanson has her own sound though she can evoke memories of Sarah and Ella. She is a truly powerful and elegant performer and her presence on the Minton's stage is perfection.


Sundays in October 6,13, 20 and 27

Jason Marshall Big Band

Jason Marshall is a highly sought after and established fixture on the global music landscape. His work for large ensemble can be heard most regularly performed by his critically acclaimed orchestra, the Jason Marshall Big Band.   A rare specimen even among the highly competitive New York City music scene, the Washington D.C. born saxophonist can be seen playing soul music with Aretha Franklin, Latin jazz with Arturo O'Farrill, pop with Desi Di Lauro, avant garde jazz with the Charlie Mingus Big Band, and rock music with the Young Presidents. Also a highly sought after composer and arranger, Mr. Marshall wrote and arranged the modern day classic "Miss Garvey, Miss Garvey!!" which was nominated for a Grammy in 2009.  He has also written and arranged music for the Taipei Jazz Orchestra and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra.   


Jazz Star Fridays

November 1st – Shawn Whitehorn

November 8th – Karlea Lynne

November 15th – Solomon Hicks

November 22 – Johnny O’Neal

November 29 – Andy Bey


Every Saturday – JC Hopkins Biggish Band featuring Joy Hanson, Vanisha Gould, Shawn Whitehorn and Nico Sarbanes hosted by Comedian Ariel Leaty


Big Band Sundays – Jason Marshall Big Band


“Minton’s, the Harlem jazz club that has been tightening up its bookings in exciting ways…”



“There’s a bona fide scene going on these days under the revived Minton's banner in Harlem, and it includes both notable music and good food…”.*– Larry Blumenfeld, Wall Street Journal*




J. C. Hopkins Biggish Band (Friday and Saturday) Led by the bandleader, songwriter and producer for which it’s named, the J.C. Hopkins Biggish Band has always been a friend to vocalists, and in this engagement, the group pays a centenary tribute to Billie Holiday. Among the many singers assembled are Brianna Thomas, Charenee Wade, Charles Turner and Jazzmeia Horn. From 6 to 11 p.m., Minton’s, 206 West 118th Street, Harlem,212-243-2222, mintonsharlem.com. (Chinen)




At Minton's, you're part of the choir. There's this part in "Moanin'" where—not in the original version but in this one, arranged by JC Hopkins and which his band, JC Hopkins' Biggish Band, plays—the horn section shouts out, call-and-response style. This night, we get in on it, too. Bum be de BOMP. HEY! Be dop bop be da BOMP. HEY! Bum be de BOMP. HEY! And it's not anger any longer, but joy.






Biggish Band – A Night at Minton's Playhouse 

Biggish Band – A Night at Minton's Playhouse 

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