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Zoho Music

Artist: Zoho MusicArtist Website: www.zohomusic.com/

Trio Mundo

Artist: Trio MundoTitle: Rides AgainLabel: Zoho MusicArtist Website: zohomusic.com/cds_detail.php?cds_id=9

Tom McIntosh

Artist: Tom McIntoshTitle: With Malice Toward NoneLabel: IPO RecordingsArtist Website: www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=13676


Artist: SolarTitle: Suns of Cosmic ConsciousnessLabel: AztacArtist Website: www.eliyamin.com/

Simone Kopmajer

Artist: Simone KopmajerTitle: RomanceLabel: Zoho MusicArtist Website: zohomusic.com/cds_detail.php?cds_id=22

Royce Campbell

Artist: Royce CampbellTitle: Six by SixLabel: Moon Cycle RecordsArtist Website: www.roycecampbell.com/

Ron Levy’s Wild Kingdom

Artist: Ron Levy’s Wild KingdomTitle: Voodoo BoogalooLabel: Levtron Prods

Roger Kellaway

Artist: Roger KellawayTitle: I Was ThereLabel: IPO RecordingsArtist Website: www.iporecordings.com/My_Homepage_Files/Page8.html

Richie Hart Trio

Artist: Richie Hart TrioTitle: Well You Needn’tLabel: Zoho MusicArtist Website: zohomusic.com/cds_detail.php?cds_id=14

Pete Zimmer

Artist: Pete ZimmerTitle: Common ManLabel: Tippin’ Records

One More

Artist: One MoreTitle: The Music of Thad JonesLabel: IPO Recordings

Mark Sherman

Artist: Mark ShermanTitle: The Motive SeriesLabel: CAPArtist Website: www.markshermanmusic.com/

Manhattan Ragtime Orchestra

Artist: Manhattan Ragtime OrchestraTitle: Radical Pop Music From The Ragtime EraLabel: Stomp Off Records

Luis Perdomo

Artist: Luis PerdomoTitle: Focus PointLabel: RKM MusicArtist Website: www.mariahwilkins.com/perdomo/bio.html

Katie Bull

Artist: Katie BullTitle: Love SpookLabel: Corn HillArtist Website: www.katiebull.com

Judi Silvano

Artist: Judi SilvanoTitle: Let Yourself GoLabel: Zoho MusicArtist Website: zohomusic.com/cds_detail.php?cds_id=13

John McNeil

Artist: John McNeilTitle: Sleep Won’t ComeLabel: OmnitoneArtist Website: www.mcneiljazz.com/

John Hart

Artist: John HartTitle: IndivisibleLabel: Hep RecordsArtist Website: www.hepjazz.com/bios/johnhart.html

Jim Seeley / Arturo O'Farrill

Artist: Jim Seeley / Arturo O'FarrillLabel: Zoho MusicArtist Website: zohomusic.com/cds_detail.php?cds_id=11



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Greg Skaff

Artist: Greg SkaffTitle: Ellington BoulevardLabel: Zoho MusicArtist Website: zohomusic.com/cds_detail.php?cds_id=15

George Gee Big Band FirstWord: The

Artist: George Gee Big Band FirstWord: TheTitle: Settin’ The PaceLabel: Jazz RecordsArtist Website: www.gjazzrecords.com/

Frank Jackson

Artist: Frank JacksonTitle: New York After DarkLabel: Kasis RecordsArtist Website: www.frankjacksonjazz.com/

Fay Victor

Artist: Fay VictorTitle: Lazy Old Sun – Live/Life in the Low LandsLabel: Greene Ave RecordsArtist Website: www.lazyoldsun.com/

Dom Minasi

“Imagine a composite of guitarist Johnny Smith and saxophonist Eric Dolphy and you’ve got a good idea where Dom is coming from….” – Bill Milkowski Artist: Dom MinasiTitle: Quick ResponseLabel: CDM RecordsArtist Website: www.domminasi.com/

Dave’s True Story

Artist: Dave’s True StoryTitle: NatureLabel: Bebop RecordsArtist Website: www.davestruestory.com/

Danny Barrett

Artist: Danny BarrettTitle: Indian SummerLabel: DBD ProductionsArtist Website: www.dannybarrett.com/

Dafnis Prieto

Artist: Dafnis PrietoTitle: About the MonksLabel: Zoho MusicArtist Website: zohomusic.com/cds_detail.php?cds_id=19

Clark Terry with the Chicago Jazz Orchestra

Artist: Clark Terry with the Chicago Jazz OrchestraTitle: Porgy & BessLabel: A440 Music GroupArtist Website: www.clarkterry.com

Chuck Bernstein

Artist: Chuck BernsteinTitle: Monk’s Music Trio Think Of OneLabel: CMB Records

Christiana Drapkin

Artist: Christiana DrapkinTitle: Songs About YouLabel: IANA RecordsArtist Website: www.christianadrapkin.com/

Carol Mennie

Artist: Carol MennieTitle: I’m Not A Sometime ThingLabel: CDM RecordsArtist Website: www.carolmennie.domminasi.com/


Carlos Barbosa-Lima

Artist: Carlos Barbosa-LimaTitle: SiboneyLabel: Zoho MusicArtist Website: zohomusic.com/cds_detail.php?cds_id=17

Bradley Leighton

Artist: Bradley LeightonTitle: Just Doin’ Our ThangLabel: Pacific Coast JazzArtist Website: www.bradleyleighton.com/

Bob Dorough

Artist: Bob DoroughTitle: Sunday At IridiumLabel: Arbors RecordsArtist Website: www.bobdorough.com/

Blue Toucan Music

Artist: Blue Toucan MusicArtist Website: www.bluetoucanmusic.com/

Billy Cobham

Artist: Billy CobhamTitle: Billy Cobham’s Culture Mix ColoursArtist Website: www.billycobham.com/

Barbara Montgomery

Artist: Barbara MontgomeryTitle: TrinityLabel: Pacific Coast JazzArtist Website: www.bjazz.com/

Brian Groder And The Sam Rivers Trio

Artist: Brian Groder And The Sam Rivers TrioLabel: Torque Latham RecordsArtist Website: www.briangroder.com/Release Date: 2006/01/05

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