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▶ JC Heard Orchestra 7-16-1988 – YouTube

▶ JC Heard Orchestra 7-16-1988 – YouTube

Park Concert at Oakland Community College

Trumpets: Marcus Belgrave, Walt Szymansky, Jon-Erik Kellso

Trombones: Steve Hunter, Dan McAllister, Micheal Pashenee

Saxes: Scott Petersen, Russ Miller, Chris Pitts, Mark Berger

Rhythm: Earl Van Riper piano, JC Heard drums, Mike Grace bass

Nica's Dream solos: Scott Petersen 1:51 Marcus Belgrave 3:50 JC 5:44

Coasting with JC 8:15 solos: Walt Szymansky 9:10 Scott Petersen 10:40 

Big Dipper 15:10 solos Earl Van Riper: 15:20 Marcus Belgrave 16:44 Dan McAllister 18:07 Chris Pitts 20:00

Blues for Sale 23:50 sax soli 25:51

For You my Love 28:00 solos Mark Berger 29:20 Dan McAllister 29:53 Jon-Erik Kellso 30:18

Round Midnight 33:00 solos Earl Van Riper 35:44 Russ Miller  38:11 Marcus Belgrave  39:35 

Yardbird Suite 41:40 sax soli 42:26 solos Dan McAllister 43:06 Steve Hunter 43:41 Micheal Pashenee 44:17 

Note: some audio problems


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