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90 and still going strong: Trio of elderly musicians plays on | 7online.com

90 and still going strong: Trio of elderly musicians plays on | 7online.com



90 and Going Strong

A trio of performers will take the stage in Manhattan next week, musicians who have decades worth of experience between them.

All three are in their 90's, and as the title of their show states, they're still going strong.

The show is called '90 And Going Strong', and these legends are absolutely young at heart. I met with them as they get ready for next week's show.

"I tell the audience these are natural treasures, I'm the baby among them," said 91-year old actor Fyvush Finkel.

Truth be told, he is two months older than clarinetist Sol Yaged. But they've got nothing on pianist Irving Fields.

Finkel belted out a 'Happy Birthday' song to Irving, because Monday he turned 90. So it's pretty impressive that instead of sitting back, these gentlemen are going up on stage for their show.

In fact, the show first debuted in June and it was so successful, they're bringing it back next week at Baruch College.

"You know why, we didn't do it correctly the first time," said Yaged.

Each likes to joke, but the time hasn't dulled their talent or their motivation.

"When I play their favorite songs, they say thank you with a big smile, and that is my fulfillment, that's my life, that's my happiness," said Fields.

Sol will be playing jazz, turning back time on his clarinet.

"I bought this clarinet when I was 12 years old in 1935. This clarinet cost me $125 then," he said. ("That was a lot of money then," we said.)

It was clearly a good investment, and fortunately we get to enjoy these talents even now.

"We got a blessing from the guy upstairs. He told me he don't want me, not yet. He said I have no vacancy, I got better actors than you up there. I got Olivier, who needs you," said Finkel.

As you might imagine, we had some laughs. '90 And Going Strong' is Monday, August 11th at Baruch College. Tickets are $35. For more information, call 212-352-3101.


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