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Attn: All Jazz Aficionados-GOOD POOP from Klipsch Joint: Joseph “Joe” Holland

Attn: All Jazz Aficionados-GOOD POOP from Klipsch Joint: Joseph “Joe” Holland

Attn: All Jazz Aficionados;
Everyday a lot of music-related stuff pours into my e mail In Box.
This one came from NativeDSD Music
I was ready to hit delete, but scrolled down anyway to have a looksee and came across an artist I’d never heard of:
The Joe Holland Quartet
Klipsch Tape Reissues Vol. II

I don’t know a whole lot about Native DSD, but you can find out Here
I am a fan of Klipsch speakers however.  I still have my original Klipsch Heresey’s that I purchased from Stereo Exchange on 8st in the Village way back when I worked at Happy Tunes Records.
So I did the clickity click, click thing to learn more about drummer Joseph “Joe” Holland.
He’s got a really interesting story you can read it HERE
What caught my eye was that he was from Shreveport, Louisiana.
I have a connection to Shreveport through my wife Pam who’s from Shreveport.
Being in the north of Louisiana Shreveport is more Texas then the southern part of the state, but it does have an important place in American music history i.e.,
Louisiana Hayride:
Great documentary on YouTube HERE
Side Note: Hands down one of the best box sets of 2017 At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD)

Leadbelly who famously sung his way out of the notorious Angola Pentitentiary
Louisiana governor Jimmie H. Davis the Singing Governor best known for his song, “You Are My Sunshine,” (my favorite version George Russell & Sheila Jordan).
Being an old record retailer I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the legendary Stan The Record Man Stan Lewis (Jewell, Paula and Ronn labels).

On my very first trip to Shreveport to visit the in laws there was an exhibit at the Shreveport Airport with Leadbelly’s 12 string guitar, striped prison suit and ball and chain and Gov. Jimmie Davis’ stage outfit along with the original sheet music for “You Are My Sunshine”.
Anyway I digress…
Back to Joe Holland

Listen Here:

Available on Amazon
These are the original notes from with the commercial release: In July of 1955 when the music in this album was recorded, none of the principals concerned had any idea that the tapes would one day find themselves on the market. The purpose was merely to record material suitable for demonstrations. As a result the performers were under no strain whatever, and the playing clearly shows a spontaneity and vitality that one seldom hears outside of live and informal performances. In keeping with the nature of the music, intimate microphone placement was employed with the result that certain extra-musical sounds are clearly audible at times. The usual practice of recording engineers is to edit out sounds of this sort, replacing them with portions of later "takes" of the same piece in which "errors" of this sort do not occur. While editing of this sort might result in a note perfect performance, it is in no sense a natural one. Since we believe that these sounds enhance rather than detract from the performance, and, since they are actually a part of what did take place, we wouldn't think of cutting them out. To be specific, the drummer's suspension seat, as he bobs up and down on it, emits a sometimes audible squeak if one knows what to listen for. In addition there are breathing sounds and occasional key clicks from the clarinet as well as a few random subdued comments from the players. And perhaps the best of all occurs in the introduction of one of the numbers where one player, somewhat in doubt as to what the piece is, looks around quizzically and says, "What is this, Blue Moon?" (Whereupon one of his fellows nods affirmatively telling him that it is Blue Moon.) The performers are: Joe Holland, drums; Fred Rogers, clarinet; Bill Wallace, piano; Howard Ward, bass.
BTW that Klipsch site has some good links:
The Klipsch Museum of Audio History
Classic Album Sundays
Sorry I sent you all down the internet rabbit hole, but what better way to spend the first day of the New Year.
Happy New Year Everybody!
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