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Grammy Consideration: Torben Waldorff-“American Rock Beauty” on ArtistShare

October 22, 2010

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Torben Waldorff – "American Rock Beauty" has been submitted for Grammy consideration in the following categories:

Improvised Jazz Solo- Donny McCaslin – "Late"

Instrumental Composition – "Shark"

Jazz Instrumental album – Torben Waldorff – "American Rock Beauty":  

Listen here: http://www.waldorff.com/americanrockbeauty

Torben Waldorff’s “American Rock Beauty” is his third fan-funded project from ArtistShare, and once again he brings an incredible band together to display their talents on his unique compositions.

Featuring Donny McCaslin, John Cowherd, Matt Clohesy, and Jon Wikan, “American Rock Beauty” traverses through Jazz, Rock, Country, and everything in between with ease, showing the listener why Waldorff is easily considered as one of the most original Guitarist/Composers of his generation.

What we read in press on American Rock Beauty:

"American Rock Beauty" has earfeel as a fine Burgundy has mouthfeel. -Carlo Wolff, JAZZTIMES, May 2010.

Never overplaying, Waldorff seems to tease the maximum amount of emotion from every note he plays.- Dr. Matt Warnock, MODERN GUITARIST

Torben Waldorff may have composed one of the best albums I’ve heard so far in 2010. -Paul Pelon IV, AUDIOPHILE AUDITION

It is a marvelous piece of music… -music that is diverse, rich in detail and abiding musicality. -Jerry D’Souza, http://allaboutjazz.com/

 ... paint vivid pictures with music full of great playing and soul. -John Heidt, VINTAGE GUITAR

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