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Jazz News No. 24/2014 (17 – 23 July 2014)

Jazz News No. 24/2014 (17 – 23 July 2014)

17 – 23 July 2014
Ausgabe 24, 2014

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17 July 2014
Duke Ellington / France
Legal action has been sought by the heirs of the actor John Wayne and Duke University in Durham, North Carolina ( USA TodayThe Dispatch). Wayne's heirs want to market a bourbon whisky by Wayne's nickname "Duke", and the college officials argue that such action would violate the university's trademark. Jazz connection: the other "Duke", of course — we learn that "the United States Patent and Trademark Office lists 250 active trademarks that include the word 'Duke', including jazz legend Duke Ellington and a brand of mayonnaise". — Jean-Claude Renard talks to the bassist Didier Levallet about the closure of the "Bureau du Jazz" at Radio France and its consequences for the French jazz scene ( Politis).

18 July 2014
Fair Trade Music
Daphne Carr discusses the possibilities for a fair trade movement in the music world "enforcing a set of standards for wages and conditions that would allow musicians to live better lives", envisioning a kind of seal which "would allow presenters to exhibit their good ethics (…) which would then be rewarded by a paying public" ( New Music Box). She gives examples for improved working conditions such as special parking zones for musicians outside venues in Seattle, and outlines an ideal world in which musicians knew they would have "a dressing room, load-in space, decent stage equipment, and earn a living wage at every venue you played".

19 July 2014
Coco Schumann / Moers (Germany)
Michael Scatturo talks to the 90-year-old German guitarist Coco Schumann who had started his career as a jazz musician in Nazi Germany, then was arrested in 1943 and confined to the concentration camps of Theresienstadt, Auschwitz and Dachau (Deutsche Welle). Schumann talks about having to make music in the death camps, about meeting his wife after the war, about his emigration to Australia, and his subsequent return to Berlin in the mid-1950s. Schumann had not talked about his experiences for a long period but then decided that his memories should help a younger generation remember what happened. — Jürgen Stock talks to Burkhard Hennen who founded theMoers Festival in 1972 and was its artistic director through 2005 about the Café Roos in Moers which was a place of desire in his youth, a meeting place for the kids after school and a place to find your first dates ( Rheinische Post). No further jazz content…

20 July 2014
Jason Moran
Ayana Byrd talks to the pianist Jason Moran about the security of a MacArthur Fellowship, about his different ongoing projects, about the need to be aware of who you are, what you wear, how you look and how you communicate with your instrument during a concert, and about how music has a life after it has been played – in the heads of the music's listeners ( Fast Company).

21 July 2014
Dick Hyman / Bill Charlap / Manfred Schiegl
Nate Chinen talks to the pianists Dick Hyman and Bill Charlap about the concert series "Jazz in July" at New York's 92nd Street Y which starts its 30th season these days ( New York Times).  Arnold Jay Smith shares his memories about Hyman as well ( Jazz Vent) — Herbert Kullmann talks to the German percussionist Manfred Schiegl who turns 75 these days and has performed in all contexts between contemporary classical music and jazz (Aalener Nachrichten).

22 July 2014
Dave Holland / Royal Connections
Anne Grages talks to the bassist Dave Holland about the Wuppertal jazz scene of Peter Brötzmann and Peter Kowald, about the differences of concert stages and audiences, about what he learned from Miles Davis as well as about how he keeps fit at 67 (Westdeutsche Zeitung). — Martin Chilton learns that the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visited a jazz workshop and reflects about British royal connections to jazz, going back to the Original Dixieland Jazz Band's concert at Buckingham Palace in 1919, King George V's love for jazz as well as George V's son who mingled with jazz musicians and played drums himself at times, Queen Elizabeth who invited Duke Ellington to Buckingham Palace and received a suite composed in her honor in return, as well as Princess Margaret who was a regular at Ronnie Scott's jazz club ( Telegraph). (Connoisseurs of both Ellington and the British royal family question numerous statements in this article, by the way, including Ellington's invitation to Buckingham Palace.)

23 July 2014
… what else …
The pianist Herbie Hancock wrote a letter to a federal judge supporting a friend of his who faces charges for smuggling marijuana from Mexico ( New York Daily News). — The founder of the Jazzhaus in Heidelberg, Germany, was given a suspended sentence for failing to pay the performing rights dues for his club ( Rhein-Neckar Zeitung). — Kevin Whitehead looks back at Albert Ayler's album "Spiritual Unity" 50 years after it was recorded ( Wondering Sound). — O.E. Schütz talks to the trombonist Manfred Schmelzer from Mönchengladbach, Germany, who has been playing for 60 years next year ( Rheinische Post). — The widow of jazz critic and comic book legend Harvey Pekarauctions off a 200 CD jazz collection from the late author's estate for a fundraiser helping the family of a Cleveland bar owner who was killed recently during an armed robbery (News Net 5). — Joanne Kaufman has a home story on classical cellist David Finckel and his wife, classical pianist Wu Han ( New York Times). Jazz angle (but not mentioned in the text): Finckel is the son of the legendary arranger Eddie Finckel, one of the adventurous arrangers for the Boyd Raeburn orchestra in the 1940s. — The German producer and label manager Christian Kellersmann (formerly Universal) will be the new head of the Edel:Kultur department overseeing the label's classic and jazz productions (Musikmarkt). — The drummer Dennis Chambers has been hospitalized and is in intensive care ( Jam Bands). — A German journalists attends one of Woody Allen's Monday night gigs at the Café Carlyle ( Frankfurter Rundschau); Nate Chinen hears the trumpeter Sean Jones ( New York Times) and the guitarist Julian Lage ( New York Times), both performing at New York's Jazz Standard; Stefan Michaczik hears the percussionist Trilok Gurtu at Palmengarten, Frankfurt ( Frankfurter Rundschau). — Franziska Buhre reads Kevin Whitehead's book "Warum Jazz? 111 gute Gründe" as well as Daniel Martin Feige's "Philosophie des Jazz" ( die tageszeitung).
Howard Reich talked to the late bassist Charlie Haden last year who told him about his medical problems, the post-polio syndrome which he died from last week ( Chicago Tribune). Ethan Iverson offers a heartfelt tribute to the Haden ( Do the Math ) and collects memories and tributes by Geri Allen, Reid Anderson, Joey Baron, Django Bates, Tim Berne, Matt Brewer, Alan Broadbent, Chris Cheek, Greg Cohen, Stephan Crump, Benoit Delbecq, Mike Formanek, Bill Frisell, Larry Goldings, Jerome Harris, Billy Hart, Albert 'Tootie' Heath, John Hébert, Mark Helias, Fred Hersch, Frank Kimbrough, David King, Guillermo Klein, Joe Lovano, Tony Malaby, Branford Marsalis, Joe Martin, Brad Mehldau, Ben Monder, Jason Moran, Sam Newsome, Matt Penman, Chris Potter, Tom Rainey, Joshua Redman, Eric Revis, Jorge Rossy, Kenny Werner, Jeff Williams, Matt Wilson and Ben Wolfe ( Do the Math). More Haden obituaries by Kevin Whitehead ( Wondering Sound), Juan Rodriguez ( Montreal Gazette) and Geoff Dyer ( The Guardian). — We read another obituary about the flutist Paul Horn who had died three weeks ago at the age of 84 ( The Independent). — We learned of the passing of the blues guitarist and singerJohnny Winter at the age 70 ( Los Angeles TimesThe Independent Neue Zürcher ZeitungFrankfurter RundschauFrankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), the trumpeter Lionel Ferbos at the age of 103 ( New Orleans Times-PicayuneWall Street Journal,Washington Post) (only days after his birthday for which he had been celebrated by Keith Spera before, New Orleans Times-Picayune ), the British critic Jack Massarik at the age of 74 ( London Evening Standard), the club owner Pete Douglas (Half Moon Bay Jazz Club) at the age of 85 ( San Francisco Chronicle), the singer Rufus McKay who was in his late 80s ( The Clarion-Ledger) and the guitarist and educator Jeff Friedman.

Last Week at the Jazzinstitut
After the Bundeskonferenz Jazz published its report about the situation of jazz in Germany in June, Burghard Egdorf talked on-the-air to Wolfram Knauer, one of the three speakers of the BK jazz, last Wednesday, discussing some of the suggestions of the interest group ( SWR2 Cluster)
Last Saturday we were part of a regular roundtable meeting of the Network of Jazz in Hesse, bringing together jazz activists (musicians, promoters, journalists, labels and others) to discuss strategies to improve the situation of jazz in the state of Hesse, Germany. At the AFIP in Offenbach we talked about a possible presentation of the Hesse jazz scene at a future JazzAhead trade fair in Bremen as well as about specific events to focus on the diversity of Hesse jazz within the state itself.
Again, we received a couple of donations last week, among them a collection of French magazines (Jazz Hot, Jazz Magazine) from the 1960s which enable us to close gaps in our archive. We also received program booklets for German or European tours of the Modern Jazz Quartet, Dave Brubeck, George Lewis and Art Blakey, all of them from the early 1960s, as well as several discographies for instance about Sidney Bechet, Eric Dolphy and Hans Koller.
Last week saw the Zbigniew Seifert Competition in Lislawice and Cravoc, Poland, organized by the Zbigniew Seifert Foundation, an event we are a partner in. The winners have been announced on the Seifert Competition website.
Next Monday we will start our 23rd Darmstadt Jazz Conceptions, a one-week workshop which the Jazzinstitut organizes annually since 1992 in cooperation with the cultural center Bessunger Knabenschule. For our 2014 edition, our artistic director, the bassist Jürgen Wuchner, hired a number of renowned musicians as teachers: the saxophonist Norbert Stein, the pianist Uli Partheil, the guitarist Kalle Kalima, the drummer Felix Astor as well as the composer and arranger Hazel Leach. Five of these teachers will lead small ensembles, Hazel Leach has agreed to coach a large ensemble made up by as many workshop participants as possible (or willing). Every night will see sessions and first results from the workshop performed at different venues all around the city of Darmstadt; next Friday will be the first final concert featuring the small ensembles, and on Saturday the large ensemble will perform as will all of the teachers.

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