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Jeff Barr’s New Website – All Jazz Records

Jeff Barr's New Website – All Jazz Records


Welcome Jazz Collectors
Greetings, Jazz Buffs, Vinyl Cognoscenti, and All Listeners…
All Jazz Records is here again presenting a wide ranging omnibus style listings of interesting Jazz music of all schools and styles.

  • Offering generous price breaks, discounts for multiple orders, first rate shipping at cost, and dedicated research service to Jazz collectors everywhere.

This is our latest version of the original mail order format “Record Store in an Envelope” concept. Designed for today’s online buyers of Jazz music LP’s and CD’s.
Many present day buyers were customers of my previous web sites, “JazzRecordScene” and “Cool School”, which were active sources of Jazz Music on LP from 2008-2012.
This collection (with more to be added in coming times) represents music acquired from Jazz Record Industry people, radio promotion, critics, producers, musicians and private collectors. Nearly all items are mint to near mint condition. Lesser quality records have been excluded.
All Jazz Records, is the new website for the world wide community of Jazz Music Collectors. Your “host with the most”,  Jeff Barr, genially known in the record collecting world as “The Vinyl Merchant of Jazzville”, now offers a very well cared for collection of LP’s and CDs, gathered from the jazz world’s cognoscenti, and available now to you.
In a period from 1973-2018 Barr estimates he’s sold over 168,000 LP’s records. Jeff was a jazz disk jockey in California and Washington D. C. from 1977-1990, as well as, a staff writer for Jazz Times, during those years. A friend to many modern jazz musicians, Jeff wrote dozens of liner notes for various jazz labels. He was an early associate in the beginning of VSOP Records (Very Special Old Phonography) and has produced a number of VSOP CDs through the years. His background in the jazz music world goes back to 1960, when after college, he worked in New York as a free lance publicist to Billy MitchellAl Grey, and other Birdland Stars! So he knows what he knows! You want to get hip, you dig! and you re-dig, you dig?
Referring to the items at hand, at this time we are not offering valuable 1st pressings in any amount, but for the avid listener, the historic collector, the sincere jazz enthusiast, we have an omnibus of jazz recordings gleaned from the most jazz astute sources.  Our pricing is based on past experience (selling similar items several to many times), One Of A Kind Condition, and long standing enthusiasm for world wide interest in Jazz, the art form, shared by so many of us! The provenance of the All Jazz Records collection comes from these basic sources:
1. Established musicians who never played records more than once, if at all
2. Record Reviewers/jazz critics, promoters, producers who seldom if ever played any of the records they got unless they were specifically interested.
3. Disc Jockey/Radio Station surplus of unplayed records, many sealed.
4. Records from private collectors with an emphasis on unused, unplayed records. And Many unused duplicates.
If a price you see here seems a bit of a stretch (we hope not), consider that it’s really mint*, really hard to find, and we’re ready to ship it to you on a day’s notice.   We have flexible discounts to pass on to the buyer of multiple items. We’re particularly pleased to offer expert careful record cleaning to any records that might need some sound improvement. A professional mix of de-greasers and surfactants is used to clean LPs, with a long in the tooth but still hard working VPI-17f vacuum, (a deep clean, tune up, and rinse is the procedure used). The difference between a clean used record and one that needs cleaning is simple, you can easily listen to and enjoy a clean used record, a used record that needs cleaning, you’re not going to listen.
The Order Process
At present we are not using a shopping cart, preferring to get back into an easy mode of receiving orders by e-mail (our order form), by fax, phone order (let’s chat), or email correspondence. Typically, you would fill out the order form, when I receive it, you will be invoiced for all items available plus shipping, and you can proceed with any payment method.
I ship promptly using good protective methods (sleeves separate from record in a poly-sleeve), double bubble wrap, and tight packaging.) We get consistently good feedback from e-bay customers for quick shipping, and careful handling
So to review the process by the numbers:

  1. Download the Inventory PDF file.
  2. Find the LP’s you wish to purchase and email your selections back to us, (the Item #, plus any other information you wish to send specific to the selection.
  3. Fax or email your list back to Us.
  4. We will verify that the inventory you requested is available, calculate the shipping, apply any appropriate discounts, then
  5. We will Email or Fax back to you the Invoice, and a link for which to submit payment via Paypal or credit card. We accept International Money Orders, foreign bank drafts drawn on a U.S. Bank, and personal checks from United States residents. If you prefer some other method of payment process please indicate this to us in the correspondence, and
  6. Upon receipt of payment we will ship out your order and send you the tracking information when available.

Applicable Discounts
Group A – Small Group Jazz
Records 1-1626 are considered better class collectibles and not discounted individually.
However, buyers who order multiple items from this group will get a discount when the total for all items are invoiced.  Discounts as high as 20% could be invoiced for multiple purchases from this group.
Group B – Small Group Jazz
Records 1627-2015 are discounted; Buy 2, get 3rd 50% off. Buy 5, get 6th free.
Example: if you used $20 average price, the total for 6 lp’s would be $90.00, or $15 each.
Records 2016 -2685 are discounted; Buy 2 from this group, get 3rd 50 % off. Buy, 5 get 6th free.
Example: if you use a $15 base price, 6 lp’s would be $70.00 or about $12 each.
Group C – Big Band Jazz
Records 2686-3280 are discounted; Buy 2, get 3rd at 50% off; Buy 5, get 6th free.
Group D – Male and Female Jazz Vocalists-
Records 3281-3708 are discounted; Buy 2, get 3rd 50 % off; Buy 4, get 5th free.
Jazz CD’S – Small Groups, Big Bands, Vocalists
Records 3709 -4667 are discounted; Buy 3, get 4th free; Buy 6, 20 % off.
Example: $15 each, subtotal $60, price adjusts to $48, $12 apiece.
Note – Reasonable counter offers will be considered.

  • USPS Media Mail – up to 4 lbs, $4.00. 1-5 records. After 4 pounds,  6 records Priority Rates apply.
  • USPS First Class Air Mail -1 record, $15.00, each record thereafter $3. each. Up to 5
  • Records (about $33). after 4 pounds, Priority Rates apply (about $42.00)
  • Priority Rates, larger packages, Fed Ex shipping all available.

Any LP can be legally duplicated on a one to one basis. It is illegal to make multiple copies of an LP. We use an analog system to copy an LP to CD. Using an upgraded VPI Scout turntable with a Denon 110 cartridge, the LP is recorded to CD by using a Panasonic PD 19 CD recorder. The sound is outrageously close to the source, and comes out high on the warmth scale.) The price is $15 for recording the CD, reproducing the cover art by color copy machine, and shipping. Price discounts for multiple copies. (3 for $40, 6 for $72). Not able to do large orders, unless time allowed for completion, so please contact us about your needs.
Paypal, Credit Cards, checks drawn on a U. S. bank, cash, postal money orders, and international money orders.
* – No wear of any kind to the record surface, jackets have no edge wear, corner wear,  laminated wear. Provenance = Protection.


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