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Miles Davis & John Coltrane 4-CD set of landmark ‘Live’ recordings

Miles Davis & John Coltrane 4-CD set of landmark ‘Live’ recordings


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Miles Davis & John Coltrane "All Of You: The Last Tour" 
A unique 4-CD set of landmark 'Live' recordings coming December 2nd
Davis' tour of Europe during the spring of 1960 that marked 
the close of his five year association with Coltrane

Trapeze Music & Entertainment is releasing on itsAcrobat label a 4-CD set of 'live' recordings from the 1960 tour of Europe by The Miles Davis Quintetfeaturing John Coltrane, which effectively marked the close of Coltrane's five-year association with Davis.


The recordings comprise radio broadcast and private recordings which have previously been available in a patchy and piecemeal fashion, this is the first time that a substantial body of the material recorded during the tour has been brought together in one collection, providing listeners with a coherent appreciation of the extraordinary creative alchemy that the two front men delivered on a nightly, often twice-nightly basis.


Featuring Wynton Kelly on piano, Paul Chambers on bass and Jimmy Cobb on drums, the performances saw creative sparks flying the instant the band took to the stage, and audiences witnessed the trumpeter and his star sidemen reinventing their regular repertoire like never before.


The recordings have been carefully cleaned and re-mastered to achieve the highest possible quality and sound dynamics without prejudicing the essential character of the performances, and the result is a stunning, sometimes almost exhausting, six hours or so of absorbing listening, such is the intensity of the music. Comprehensive and in-depth notes in the 36-page booklet by noted writer and award-nominated tenor saxophonist Simon Spillett give a detailed technical commentary on the performances and solos, which gives a fascinating insight into the techniques and styles of the musicians.


The set is specially packaged in a high quality box with each CD in its own individual wallet, making this a highly collectible and prestigious package befitting the provenance of the recordings. 

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