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Nice write up  of the Hentoff film by Arnold J. Smith:

After my third viewing of the DVD I distilled a few “Hentoff-ian” notable simpatico to me quotables:

#  [When something goes wrong] “I listen to jazz; that always gets me up.”

#  [On his religious non-affiliation] “I’m a Jewish atheist; a special edition of the branch.”

#  [When he first heard Artie Shaw's "Nightmare" blaring out from a record store in Boston] “It was like a chazan (cantor) singing; a geschrei (scream).”

#  [On being fired from Down Beat] “I believe it was because I hired a black secretary who turned out to be Egyptian.”  (I used his temperance penchant as a template for my own story ideas for the mag.)

#  [On jazz as a discipline] “It has immediacy.”

And finally quoting a mentor: “Take it easy; but take it!”

© arnold jay smith July 2014

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