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Stomp Off: Shameless Selfie: by Chris Albertson

Stomp Off: Shameless Selfie: by Chris Albertson


Shameless Selfie

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As a rule, I don't carry ads on this blog, but friends tell me that I should at least run one for my work, so here is one that you can easily skip. The attached audio features actor Robertson Dean reading a short excerpt from my introduction to the book. The entire, unabridged reading runs over ten hours and comes in a Tantor Audiobooks boxed set of 11 CDs. An E-books edition is available on Kindle, and Yale University Press still has it in book form. Since I received the CDs only this week, I have but spot-checked Mr. Dean's reading. He does an excellent job, although Bix Beiderbecke somehow became Bee-derbeck.  Now, let's see what HBO and Queen Latifah come up with—in anticipation, I already bought the Exedrin©.

I hope this commercial intrusion does not offend anyone. 



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