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“Telecaster Bob”

“Telecaster Bob”

From a nice post on my Facebook page about project I’m working Harmonie Ensemble/New York/Steve Richman, Henry Mancini: Music for Peter Gunn:
From: Michele Munro 
Funny, as I came across this post, I am sitting with Bob Bain, or "Telecaster Bob" who developed the guitar sound and played the Peter Gunn theme. We listened to the NPR interview. Apparently it wasn't Shorty Rogers in the band, but Pete Candoli. And Victor Feldman played vibes in that band at Mother's, I saw a couple of those re-runs about a year ago. Bob knows all about it, he played on most of the Mancini soundtracks.

Bob Bain was a mainstay of the Hollywood recording studios through the 50s and 60s, appearing nearly as often on acoustic guitar as Howard Roberts did on electric. Henry Mancini regularly highlighted Bain's work on soundtracks and studio albums. Bain recorded a couple of albums somewhat in the vein of Laurindo Almeida for Capitol in the early 1960s. Latin Love showcases Bain's dubbing abilities, as he plays both parts of a series of guitar duets. He was also one of the leading lights behind Guitars Unlimited, a collaboration with Jack Marshall and Howard Roberts on Capitol. Bain later worked as a producer and arranger, most notorious with that classic smarmy lounge duo, Sandler and Young.

Bob Bain plays Staccato

Pete Candoli, Red Mitchell, Bob Bain, Johnny Williams, Mel Lewis
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