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This $9000 Bottle of Scotch Comes Paired With a Piece of Jazz Music

This $9000 Bottle of Scotch Comes Paired With a Piece of Jazz Music

This $9000 Bottle of Scotch Comes Paired With a Piece of Jazz Music
There are only 503 bottles of this scotch. But each one comes with an original piece of jazz music.
Vincent Caruso May 24, 2017

What inspires a brilliant piece of jazz music? A scenic shortcut home through a snow-covered Central Park on a moody winter evening? The comical view of jostling bodies filing their way down from the street into a congested subway platform during rush hour? An illicit psychedelic adventure?
For celebrated jazz pianist Aaron Diehl’s most recent composition, “Echoes of the Glen of Tranquility,” the inspiration for the music is embedded in the word “Glen.”
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How has our rarest, oldest and deepest ‪#whisky inspired ‪@aarondiehl? Listen for a rare moment of beauty ‪#Pride1974

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That is, the smooth taste of Glenmorangie Pride 1974 moved the virtuoso so, he ventured to compose a piece of music that he felt could capture aurally the magnificence to which his taste buds had just been acquainted. And the result was such a perfect match that Glenmorangie will pair each bottle of the Pride 1974 with the composition, so the connoisseur too can enjoy the multi-sensory pleasure of serene jazz purposed to compliment the fine scotch whisky.
This marriage of beverage and song was inspired by another union—the one that bred the Pride 1974 batch. Having aged the whisky in two separate casks—one ex-bourbon, and one ex-Oloroso—for a full 41 years, the two parcels were then exhumed and blended to create the coveted batch of Glenmorangie single malt scotch that is Pride 1974.
Billboard, at a private tasting, reported:
Master Distiller Dr. Bill Lumsden led a tasting around a gigantic cornucopia of delicacies representing the notes within the scotch. It’s rich and complex – which you’d expect and want from a single malt aged that long – with notes of brown sugar, toffee, spiced apples, salted caramel, balsamic, candied oranges.
But the delectable pairing doesn’t come without a sting. The unveiling of Pride 1974, a collaborative effort with Steinway Pianos, comes hooked to a $9000 price tag. And if that doesn’t already place you out of the market for a scotch-and-song libation, the release is limited to a scarce 503 bottles.
Fortunately, the music isn’t as scarce as the beverage. You can listen to Aaron Diehl’s scotch-inspired piece here.
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Black metal outfit Azazel looked worse for wear during their set at Helsinki’s Steelfest Open Air this past weekend. The Finnish four-piece stumbled, forgot parts, and even fell off the stage during this shambolic live performance.
The footage taken by an audience member starts painfully, and just goes downhill from there. The lead singer is clad in alcoholic beverages, while the rest of the band struggles to play their instruments. It also didn’t help that, in a drunken stupor, the lead guitarist broke the input jack for his guitar. Doh!
Azazel @ Steelfest 19.5.2017, "keikan" vikat 10 minuuttia
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Ten grueling minutes later, the whole performance collapses as the guitar player hurtles from the stage into the barricade, and the intoxicated singer sits at the edge of it downing some more liquor. Screams from the crowd to “play one f**king more!” go unheard as the group are clearly in no state to perform their set, let alone an encore. At this rate, these guys could give Ozzy Osbourne a run for his money.
One thing’s for sure – their drunken antics have got them some exposure that they probably didn’t intend for. The band prides themselves on their “raw, obscure black metal” sound, which unfortunately, couldn’t be heard during their topsy-turvy Steelfest display. Nonetheless, the ramshackle performance has went viral since the weekend, proving the point that any publicity is good publicity.
Meanwhile, Steelfest Open Air 2017 was headlined by Sweden’s Marduk, Finland’s Shape of Despair, and Norway’s Carpathian Air. Other notable acts included black metal duo Mgła, death metal four-piece Sinister, and funeral doom metal outfit Skepticism.
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The Finnish heavy metal festival began in 2012, aiming to showcase the more extreme sides of the hard-hitting genre. Taking place over the course of two days in Helsinki, Steelfest Open Air has had headliners in the past such as Deathchain, Mayhem, Black Moon and many more grace their stage.


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