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You Can Listen To John Peel ‘s Records

You Can Listen To John Peel ‘s Records


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A new project allows you to listen to some of John Peel ‘s own records from the comfort of your own home. The John Peel Archive have launched an online series of ‘Record Boxes’, which, looking at it, is basically a mixtape from your music nerd mate, covered in notes about the songs. With all the pictures of John Peel’s file cards, and his handwritten notes on the record sleeves (He wrote on the goddamn sleeves!), it’s a unique and informative insight into the great man’s own record collection.

The first ‘record box’ is curated by record producer Joe Boyd, who discovered Nick Drake, was there when Dylan went electric, and after watching the documentary, seems to have a story about absolutely everything that has happened in popular music since the ’60s. We think it’s worth taking a look: Joe Boyd’s record box.

[Source: TheFourOhFive]



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