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John Tropea

John Tropea –Guitar,  Leon Pendarvis-piano, Chris Palmaro-Hammond B3 Shawn Pelton-drums, Neil Jason-bass, Bob Millikan-trumpet, Lou Marini-alto sax, Dave Mann-tenor sax, Larry Farrell-trombone, Roger Rosenberg-bari sax Shawn Pelton-drums, John Tropea-guitars, Chris Palmaro-Hammond B3, Neil Jason-bass, Glenn Drews-trumpet, Bob Millikan-trumpet, Larry Farrell-trombone,  Lou Marini-alto sax, Dave Mann-tenor sax, Roger Rosenberg-bari sax,Scott Robinson-bass sax (and fills) […]


Albare-Guitar, Axel Tosca Laugart-Piano, Yunior Terry-Bass, Pablo Bencid-Drums Artist:  AlbareTitle: “Only Human”Label: (Alfi Records 5001)Artist Website: www.albare.infoRelease Date: 2015/05/05

Antonio Adolfo

Piano: Antonio Adolfo, Flute and Soprano Sax: Marcelo Martins, Electric guitar: Leo Amuedo, Acoustic guitar: Claudio Spiewak  (obs.: except  on track #2) Double Bass: Jorge Helder, Drums and percussion: Rafael Barata, Percussion: Armando Marçal   Artist: Antonio AdolfoTitle: “Tema”Label: (AAM0708)Artist Website: www.aammusic.comRelease Date: 2015/06/15

Pat Bianchi

Pat Bianchi-organ, Craig Ebner-guitar, Byron Landham-drums Artist: Pat BianchiLabel: (21-H Records 001)Artist Website: www.patbianchi.comRelease Date: 2015/06/05

Steve Slagle & Bill O’Connell

Steve Slagle-alto, Bill O’Connell-piano Artist: Steve Slagle & Bill O’ConnellTitle: “The Power of Two”Label: (PANORAMA RECORDS 005)Artist Website: www.steveslagle.com/Release Date: 2015/06/05

Michelle Lordi

Orrin Evans-piano (TRACKS 4, 6, & 10), Tom Lawton-piano, Larry McKenna-tenor sax, Dan Monaghan-drums, Madison Rast-bass Artist: Michelle LordiTitle: “Drive”Label: (Creeper Music)Artist Website: michellelordi.comRelease Date: 2015/06/05

Roger Davidson

Roger Davidson-piano, David Finck – Bass (except 10, 11, 12), Pablo Aslan-bass (10, 11, 12), Adriano Santos – Drums Artist: Roger DavidsonTitle: Live at Caffe Vivaldi Vol 2Label: (Soundbrush SR4002)Artist Website: www.rogerdavidsonmusic.netRelease Date: 2015/04/01

Perry Beekman

 PERRY BEEKMAN (VOCALS AND GUITAR), PETER TOMLINSON (PIANO), LOU PAPPAS (BASS) Artist: Perry BeekmanTitle: ‘S Wonderful Sings and Plays GershwinLabel: (Self Produced)Artist Website: www.perrybeekman.comRelease Date: 2015/06/05

Brad Myers

Brad Myers-guitar, Chris Barrick-vibraphone, Ben Walkenhauer-tenor sax, Peter Gemus-bass, Tom Buckley-drums & cymbals, Michael Mavridoglou-trumpet #5 & flugelhorn #8, Dominic Marino-trombone #5 Artist: Brad MyersLabel: (Colloquy Records 1357)Artist Website: www.musicbybrad.comRelease Date: 2015/06/05

Phill Fest

Phill Fest / Guitars & Vocals Robert Prester / Piano (Tracks 2,3,4,6,7) Dale Powers / Piano (Tracks 1,10) Russ Howard / Bass Ronie Martinez / Drums (Tracks 1,4,6,9) Carlomagno Araya / Drums (Tracks 2,3,7) Jacquie Medeiros / Vocals (Tracks 1,6) Terezinha Valois / Vocals (Tracks 4,9) Jonathan Sigel / Trumpet […]

Billy Lester

Billy Lister: Piano Artist: Billy LesterTitle: “Unabridged”Label: (JKA 002)Artist Website: www.billylester.comRelease Date: 2015/05/05

Simon Frick

Simon Frick: Violin & Effects Artist: Simon FrickTitle: SoloLabel: (Boomslang Records LC 09496)Artist Website: www.simonfrick.comRelease Date: 2015/05/05

Dave Usher with Berl Falbaum

In Music Is Forever: Dizzy Gillespie, the Jazz Legend and Me, Dave Usher, white and Jewish, tells the story of how he, at age 14, met the jazz giant, a black man who practiced the Bahá’i Faith, and forged a 50-year friendship. During those years, Dave Usher helped produce Dizzy’s […]

Tony Adamo And The New York Crew

Tony Adamo-lyrics/nu jazz vocal/hipspoken word, Mike Clark- music/drums/music producer, Michael Wolff-music/piano, Tim Ouimette-music/trumpet/arranging Artist: Tony Adamo And The New York CrewLabel: (Self Produced)Artist Website: urbanzonerecords.comRelease Date: 2015/05/01

Steve Johns

Steve Johns-drums; Debbie Keefe Johns-saxophones;   Daryl Johns-bass; Dave Stryker-guitar; Bob DeVos-guitar Artist: Steve JohnsTitle: “Family”Label: (Strikezone Records 8811)Artist Website: www.stevejohnsjazz.comRelease Date: 2015/05/05

Hot Club of the Americas

Federico Britos (violin), Jorge Garcia (guitar), Felix Gomez (piano), Renyel Rivero (bass), Edwin Bonilla (percussion), Carlomagno Araya (drums) With Special Guests: Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Giovanni Hidalgo, Cecile McLorin Salvant, Hendrik Meurkens, Antonio Adolfo   Artist: Hot Club of the AmericasTitle: “Federico Britos Presents Hot Club of the Americas”Label: (3 Knocks Entertainment)Artist Website: www.hotcluboftheamericas.comRelease Date: 2015/04/07

Holger Scheidt Group

Holger Scheidt: bass/Rich Perry: tenor sax/Gordon Au: trumpet/Victor Gould: piano/Anthony Pinciotti: drums   Artist: Holger Scheidt GroupTitle: “THE TIDES OF LIFE”Label: (Enja 9619)Artist Website: holgerscheidt.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=84%3Atime-to-record-the-new-album&catid=37%3Anews&Itemid=1Release Date: 2015/02/10


Artist: HECTOR MARTIGNONTitle: “Banda Grande”Label: (Zoho ZM 201507)Artist Website: ampetto.comRelease Date: 2015/06/01


Mark Weinstein-concert, alto and bass flutes,  Steve Peskoff-guitar, Gilad Abro-bass, Haim Peskoff-drums  Gilad Dobrecky-percussion Artist: MARK WEINSTEINTitle: “In Jerusalem”Label: (Zoho ZM 201506)Artist Website: jazzfluteweinstein.comRelease Date: 2015/06/09


Edsel Gómez-piano, miscellaneous percussion (clave, timbales, hand drill, stone filled bucket, bells, clave), Bruce Cox-Drums, Fabio Tagliaferi-Viola, Roberto Pitre Vazquez-Flute, Piccolo, vocals, Walmir Gil, Naor Gomes-Trumpet, Flugelhorn,   Felix Gibbons-Congas, speech,  Edu Martins, Alex Apolo Ayala Acoustic-Bass,  Sizâo Machado, Arismar do Espírito-Electric Bass,  Roberta Valente-Pandeiro, Triangle, Chacalzinho Pandeiro, Berimbao, Udu, […]


Chris Washburne-trombone, tuba,  John Walsh-trumpet, flugelhorn,, Ole Mathisen-saxophones,  Yeissonn Villamar-piano, keyboards, Leo Traversa-bass,  Vince Cherico-drums, percussion, Oreste Abrantes, Roberto Quintero, Isa Washburne-percussion, August Washburne-electric guitar Artist: CHRIS WASHBURNE & THE SYOTOS BANDTitle: “Low Ridin'”Label: (Zoho ZM 201504)Artist Website: chriswashburne.comRelease Date: 2015/04/14


Alejandro Aviles alto sax 1, soprano sax, flute, Todd Bashore alto 2 sax, soprano, flute, Luke Batson tenor 1 sax, flute, clarinet John Ellis tenor 2 sax, flute, clarinet, Carl Maraghi baritone sax, bass clarinet, Jonathan Powell, Miki Hirose, Mat Jodrell, Josh Deutsch trumpets & flugelhorns, Ryan Keberle, Mike Fahie, Mark Miller, Nate Mayland trombones, Jess […]


Duduka Da Fonseca: Drums,  David Feldman: Piano,  Guto Wirtti: Acoustic Bass , Paulo Levi: Tenor Saxophone (# 4) Artist: DUDUKA DA FONSECA TRIOTitle: “Jive Samba”Label: (Zoho ZM 201502)Artist Website: www.dudukadafonseca.net/index.htmlRelease Date: 2015/03/10


VOCALS: Ginny Carr, Robert McBride, Holly Shockey, André Enceneat With: Frank Russo (drums), Alan Blackman (piano), Max Murray (bass), Steve Herberman (guitar) SPECIAL GUEST: Richie Cole (alto sax) Artist:  UPTOWN VOCAL JAZZ QUARTET with RICHIE COLETitle: “Vocal Madness”Label: (HouseKat)Artist Website: uptownvocaljazzquartet.comRelease Date: 2015/03/03

Matt Criscuolo

Matt Criscuolo-alto sax, Tony Purrone-guitar, Preston Murphy-bass, Ed Soph- drums Artist: Matt CriscuoloTitle: “Headin’ Out”Label: (Jazzeria Records Matt 2014)Artist Website: jazzeria.comRelease Date: 2015/03/03

Don Aliquo/Clay Jenkins Quintet

Don Aliquo, tenor saxophone Clay Jenkins, trumpet Harold Danko, piano Rufus Reid, bass Jim White, drums     Artist: Don Aliquo/Clay Jenkins QuintetTitle: “New Ties and Binds”Label: (Self Produced)Artist Website: www.donaliquo.com/live/Release Date: 2015/03/03

Roger Davidson and Pablo Aslan

  Roger Davidson-piano, Pablo Aslan-bass   Artist: Roger Davidson and Pablo AslanTitle: “Live at Caffe Vivaldi Vol 1″Label: (Soundbrush Records)Artist Website: www.rogerdavidsonmusic.netRelease Date: 2015/02/03

Steve Cromity

Steve Cromity –vocals, Patience Higgins-reeds & flute, Kenyatta Beasley-trumpet, Eric Wyatt-tenor sax, Marcus Persiani-piano & music director, Eric Lemon-bass, Darryl Green-drums Artist: Steve CromityTitle: “All My Tomorrows”Label: (Cromcake Records)Artist Website: stevecromity.wordpress.comRelease Date: 2015/03/01

Rachel Caswell

(duets with Dave Stryker-guitar and Jeremy Allen-bass) Artist: Rachel CaswellTitle: “All I Know”Label: (Turtle Ridge Records TRR-002) Artist Website: www.rachelcaswell.comRelease Date: 2015/04/07

Dave Stryker

Dave Stryker-guitar, Jared Gold-hammond B3 organ, McClenty Hunter-drums, Mayra Casales – percussion (#2, 6-10) Saxophones: Jimmy Heath,  Houston Person, Eric Alexander, Chris Potter, Tivon Pennicott, Don Braden, Javon Jackson, Steve Slagle, Bob Mintzer, Mike Lee Artist: Dave StrykerTitle: “Messin’ With Mister T”Label: (Strikezone 8812) Artist Website: davestryker.comRelease Date: 2015/04/07

City Boys Allstars

Guitars: Mike Merola Bass: Al MacDowell Keys: Rob Clores Drums: Nick Saya Percussion: Daniel Sadownick Trumpets: Tony Kadleck And Lew Soloff Sax’s: Blue Lou Marini And Andy Snitzer Baritone Sax: Tom Bones Malone Trombone: Tom Bones Malone Vocals: Bil Kurz, Angel Rissoff, Horace Scott Artist: City Boys AllstarsLabel: (City Boys […]

Alex Conde

Alex: Conde-Piano, John Santos-Percussion, Jeff Chambers-Bass, Jon Arkin Drums,  Amparo Conde, Carmen Carrasco: Palmas & Compas (hand claps, foot stomps) Artist: Alex CondeTitle: “Descarga for Monk”Label: (ZOHO ZM 201501)Artist Website: www.alexconde.com/live/Release Date: 2015/02/10


Lauren Meccia – vocals and saxophone Donald Vega – piano Mike Frost – bass With John Miceli, percussion (track 1); Jeremy Roberson, drums (track 1); Brian Czach, drums and percussion (tracks 2-12); Edwin Hamilton, percussion (tracks 4 and 8); Sarah Land, violin (track 11); Ryan Knott, cello (track 11). Artist: […]

Keri Johnsrud

Keri Johnsrud – vocals; Kevin Bales – piano/Rhodes; Larry Kohut – upright bass; Neal Alger – guitar; Jon Deitemyer – drums; Stephen Lynerd – vibes Artist: Keri JohnsrudLabel: (Self Produced)Artist Website: www.kerijohnsrud.comRelease Date: 2015/04/07

Pascal Bokar

Pascal Bokar-Guitar & Vocals on all tracks, Art Maxwell-Flute & Soprano Sax, Aaron Germain-Bass, Eric Tillman-Piano, Leon Joyce-Drums, Daria Niles-Vocals on “Solitude”, El Hadj Mbor Faye-Sabar, Eddie Duran-Guitar on tracks 6 & 8, Madaline Duran-Flute on tracks 6 & 8, Cheikh Tayirou Mbaye-Sabar on tracks 6 & 8 Artist: Pascal […]

Curtis Nowosad

Curtis Nowosad-drums, Jimmy Greene-tenor saxophone, Derrick Gardner-trumpet, Steve Kirby-bass, Will Bonness on piano Artist: Curtis NowosadTitle: “Dialectics”Label: (Cellar Live Records CL010115)Artist Website: www.curtisnowosad.comRelease Date: 2015/03/17

Chris Biesterfeldt

Chris Biesterfeldt-guitar, Matthew Rybicki-bass, Jared Schonig-drums Artist: Chris BiesterfeldtTitle: “Phineas”Label: (BR 1002)Artist Website: www.facebook.com/chrisbguitar?fref=tsRelease Date: 2015/01/06


Georg Breinschmid – bass with Thomas Gansch, Benjamin Schmid, Breins Cafe, Diknu Schneeberger, Strings & Bass, the Janoska brothers Artist: GEORG BREINSCHMIDTitle: “Double Brein”Label: (2 CD Set PREISER RECORDS PR91265)Artist Website: www.georgbreinschmid.com/gb/Release Date: 2015/01/30

Jack Mouse & Scott Robinson

Jack Mouse, drums, Scott Robinson, tenor and c-melody saxophones, cornet and e-flat clarinet Artist: Jack Mouse & Scott RobinsonTitle: “Snakeheads & Ladybugs”Label: (Tall Grass TG 8282)Artist Website: www.jackmouse.comRelease Date: 2015/01/06

Harmolodic Monk

Matt Lavelle  – cornet, flugelhorn, alto clarinet; John Pietaro  – vibraphone, bodhrán, congas, percussion Artist: Harmolodic Monk Title: Matt Lavelle, John PietaroLabel: (Unseen Rain UR9953)Release Date: 2015/01/06

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